SHOCK: Kever of Manchester Rosh Yeshiva zt”l Destroyed By Vandals


In an act of shocking vandalism at the Whitefield Jewish Cemetery, the kever of the venerated Manchester rosh yeshiva, Rav Yehuda Zev Segal zt”l, was destroyed over Shabbos.

The desecration came as part of a larger scale vandalism that included the tossing trash across the cemetery.

The vandals threw seforim on the floor and ripped sinks out of a wall in the bais hachaim, making off with the pipework.

The vandals remain at large and their motive is not know as police are investigating this shocking incident.

One report said that the vandals smashed Rav Segal’s grave in search of a “treasure.”

Other graves at the cemetery remained untouched.

Rav Segal, whose gravestone was smashed by the vandals, was a great tzaddik and talmid chochom perhaps most well-known for promoting and organizing the daily study of hilchos shmiras halashon.

{D. Green.}


  1. That these lowlifes will get what they deserve I’m sure about
    I also hope that hashem MKS thier punishment public. So the world sees what happens when u mess with our tzadikim zy”u

  2. It does appear that that this attack was criminal rather than anti semitic. It seems that they were after cash etc which they believed was there, possibly due to the Tzedoko notices which are there.

    It doesnt minimise however the tragedy and horror of our Rosh Yeshiva’s grave being desecrated. It is a center for heartfelt Tefilos by the many people who come specially , some flying thousands of miles, to benefit from the zchus of the great Tzaddik that he was. ZYA

    Last night we were all traumatised here.

  3. If the attackers were merely after tzedaka money with no anti-Semitic intent, then why did they rip out sinks, steal pipes, strew garbage? There is no mitzva to judge them favorably…


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