SHOCK IN MIGDAL: Man Murders Wife, Children and Neighbors’ Child on Shabbos


Tragedy struck the small Israeli town of Migdal when a 23-year-old mother, Dor Sela a”h, was stabbed to death by her husband, who also killed their two children, Yosef and Binyomin, an 8-month-old baby and a toddler one and a half years old.

The man is suspected of also murdering the neighbor’s child, Nachman z”l, an 11 year old, and stabbing an 10-year-old brother, Natan, who escaped through a window and pretended to be dead. He was taken by helicopter to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in critical condition. He is now stable.

Nachman was a son of R’ Yisroel Attya, a Breslover chossid. Nachman and Natan were apparently invited for the Shabbos seudah to their neighbors, the Selas. It was during the seudah that the unspeakable incident took place.

Nachman and Natan were both students at Talmud Torah Chemdas Hatorah in Tiveriah which is led by Rav Dov Kook.

The murderer was arrested in an orchard near his apartment.

The murder was reported at 2:48 p.m. and police converged on the man’s apartment.

Migdal is a small town near Tiveriah of only about 1,200 residents. The residents are in shock.

A relative of the suspected murderer said that he and his deceased wife were newly religious and had lived outside the town for a while.

attya nachman-attya

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  1. Why does Matzav feel it’s necessary to cover-up and not tell the public the husbands name??? You mentioned the names of all those that were murdered and injured. Why would Matzav cover-up for a filthy lowlife MURDERER?! Lashon Hora? Please enlighten us to your brilliant editing decisions.

  2. May Hashem grant all the bereaved a nechama, a refuah to all who need it, and protect us from this ever happening again.

    P.S. Medications are almost always involved in horrifying tragedies like this, but not reported in the media. An in-depth follow-up will likely show that the husband was either on or recently changed his dose in medication for mental illness.

    • so true – and there is even a “black box” now mandated on many types of psychiatric “medication” that warns that homicidal and suicidal thoughts are possible side effects to these dangerous drugs. These are not just random thoughts, however – first-person accounts of the warped thinking that certain medications can cause describes the obsessive nature of the thinking caused, and feeling that one had no choice but to comply. A major part of such a tragedy is that the person being treated for depression/anxiety etc. thought he was doing exactly what he should in order to overcome his state of mind, and instead, psychiatry ended up causing horrific damage beyond his wildest dreams.
      writing as a person with first-hand experience of some of the damage psychiatric “medication” can do, b’chasdei Hashem nothing like this though

  3. terrible terrible terrible story… the second child neighbor escaped through a window bloodied and was going through surgery last night… This guy mustve really snapped. PPle need to go for courses to understand when mental or emotional issues show signs of danger…… I’m sure this woman saw something but didn’t understand the danger.
    what a beautiful mother and children! and that little nachaman! too sad….

  4. Was this man mentally stable or in depression? Then the obvious question in all such cases is- ok if you’re depressed and wish to take your life (assuming we are unable to stop him), then be it…but what did your wife and dear children and the neighbors child do to deserve such a cowardly and murderous act????? Heaven yeracheim on the korbinos who were so brutally taken in their prime. TNZBH…

    • the average depressed person doesn’t actually commit suicide, and even if things got that far, depression causing homicide – who ever heard of such a thing?
      No, this whole story suggests the influence of psychiatric drugs, and there have been similar stories in the States with one I recall involving a young boy killing his grandparents – who he loved – when on meds. There have been legal rulings absolving the perpetrators of responsibility because they were on “nice helpful” meds such as Prozac. But it doesn’t even have to be these kinds of drugs – other drugs like statins and drugs to help quit smoking have also been known to be mind-altering.
      Don’t think this is just scaremongering – check it out for yourselves.

      • Perhaps we need to accept the existance of free will and evil people. No drug can force a person to do what they don’t want to do.

  5. To “yellow journalism”. It says the womans last name which means that that is her husbands last name too. Would it totally make your day if they wrote his first name? The main info is there in your face buddy


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