SHOCK: Graves Emptied on Har Hamenuchos


In two recent instances, parents who buried children in Yerushalayim’s Har Hamenuchos cemetery forty years ago could no longer find the kevorim.

A worker of the chevrah kadisha in charge of the section admitted to one mother that the plot was refurbished.

Maps indicated that graves in the plot were on sale to overseas clients priced at over $15,000 apiece. Bentzi Oiring, head of the Zaka organization, reportedly investigated and found that children’s graves were moved for this purpose.

The chevrah kadisha denied the assertion, saying that damage to a specific child’s matzeivah was due to a contractor’s carelessness and that it would be repaired.

{ Israel}


  1. These Chevra Kadisha guys sell karka that they misappropriated for the last 100 years at $15K apiece without anyone even questioning who owns the place & where the $$$ are going.

  2. It is a DIS-SERVICE to one’s children if a ‘chutz laareznik” insists on being bu-
    ried in Eretz Yisroel. Having to travel to E Y to visit those niftorim is a big expense, a big tircha, and a difficult burden on the family.
    If the niftorim are buried locally, they can be visited on the Yahrzeit, before a Simcha, and at any opportune time. Aseres Yemei Teshuva is a good time to visit, but to have to go that far is prohibitive.

  3. No one is even commenting about the victim purchaser who thinks they’re buying a fresh plot and would never dream of moving a deceased child to make room for their burial.

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