SHOCK: Dem Rally Speaker Declares Trump Budget Designed For ‘Ethnic Cleansing’


A Philadelphia bishop is accusing the President Trump of attempting to implement “ethnic cleansing” through proposed budget cuts designed to shrink the federal government.

“This budget, if I can be honest with you, is an attempt to implement ethnic cleansing in this nation from people of color, but also poor white folk from whom services being but will be impacted the most,” Bishop Dwayne Royster said at a Wednesday social justice rally broadcast by ABC News.

“Here is the reality many poor black families and brown families and Asian families and indigenous families will be devastated by this budget. The reality is that there is many poor white families that will be devastated by this budget, as well.”

The bishop, who heads Philadelphia’s Living Water United Church of Christ, went on to explain that Trump’s overarching goal is to drive people into poverty by giving their money to rich folks. Read more at American Mirror.



  1. But what would the President gain by “driving black folks into poverty”? You mean they are not currently in poverty, but if this bill passes then they will go into poverty? There something I’m missing, regarding what this pastor is saying. How does the pastor know that this bill will affect black folks more than white folks?

  2. As if Sharpton and Jackson weren’t both stupid and racist enough, now there is yet another hatemongering cleric opening his maw.

  3. Did he say that he was saying the “truth ” really get him a dictionary so he can look up the definition what a moron


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