SHOCK: Baby Nurse Feeds Jewish Child Treif


Dear Editor,

Just days after reading the Matzav report about the “nanny” who allegedly suffocated a Jewish infant she was to be taking care of, I wish to share with you my own shocking story. It’s not much of a story actually.

Simply put, my infant baby’s nurse gave my 4-year-old child treif.

I was horrified. I immediately asked the nurse to leave. Her reaction revealed that she knew that she had given my child something that was not kosher.

Her evil smirk betrayed her. She had done it on purpose.

She had the container of Utz Pork Rinds in her own personal bag. Maybe she had it with her during the days prior. I don’t know. But she was clearly hiding it until I find my 4-year-old daughter munching on something.

“What is that?”

She didn’t answer.

“Who’d you get that from?”

She pointed to the nurse, Gabby.

[By the way, I am truly concerned about whether this evil woman, who had evil intentions, may have traifed up my house. The evil look in her eye told me I shouldn’t assume otherwise. My husband has been speaking to rabbonim about this.]

Matzav readers, I have learned my lesson. Never again. I will not bring a nanny or nurse into my home ever again. I can’t afford the timtum halev of my child. Their neshamah is too precious.

The question is: Why was I so foolish in the first place?

First a child is almost suffocated. Now a child, a Yiddishe neshamah, was given tarfus. What’s next?

I am sharing this story with for a purpose: Let this be a lesson to everyone out there.


A Mother Distressed



  1. Fake news. Fake letter writer. This never happened to the letter writer. She doesn’t have and never had a nanny or babysitter. She is just trying to pile on and sound sanctamonious. If she’s married, her husband is probably one of those Licha Dodi masmedim who try to out yeshivish the next guy.

    • attention matzav: why would you post this senseless idiotic letter from @wasnt born yesterday- someone with guilt feelings over having a nanny…how can you belittle this story??? weather it happened or didnt it can very much happen in ANYONES home at any time

  2. I am married 30 years and we only had a cleaning lady ONCE a week for a year for ONE hour a week. She didn’t do anything wrong but we decided, that we would rather clean our own floors (gasp!), wash our own dishes (gasp!), and even clean out our own bathroom and toilet (double gasp!), then to have a shiksa dreying around our house with all that it entails.
    That was about 25 years ago….And guess what? We survived! Not only that, we saved tens of thousands of dollars…. but better than that, our children now clean themselves, and they even do bathrooms!!! Still breathing??? They have grown to be responsible unspoiled kids and now adults as a result….Literally dozens of people have come over to me over the years to express their amazement on how our kids have turned out.
    Rabosai, kick them out (the shiksas – not the kids), roll up your sleeves, and do it yourselves. You only have to gain!! Or ofcourse play russian (or mexican) roulette with your family.

    • I understand why you wouldn’t want a non-Jewish worker in your house, even while under supervision.

      But regarding your point of doing everything yourself: Did you manage to do everything yourself with a 2 year old and a 6 month old while working full day? And doing laundry and making meals? And cleaning up after that? That is all besides doing what the cleaning help would do.

      If you can manage to do ALL that PLUS doing what the cleaning help would do, AND still be calm enough to take care of 2 kids under the age of 2, and be a good wife, then you are a saint.

    • To Your truly –


      You are a great example for people.

      כמוך ירבו בישראל

      חזק ואמץ, בבריאות הגוף והנפש, לאורך ימים ושנים טובות

  3. Blame yourself!!! Why did you bring a non-Jew into your home to feed your children? How can you trust a non-Jewish person in your house. No doubt she treifed your house up.

  4. I’m not suprised at all. Do you think that a goy ever has good intentions? Many people are unaware that leaving a non Jewish house help alone makes your dishes (אגרות משה יו”ד חלק א סימן ס”א). I know this may be news to many it is something that I have spoken to many rabonim about all of them struggled to come up with a heter. If you look up the שו”ע in siman קי”ח Saif יב it’s possible that a yotza vnichas will not help if you are going out to the store only if you’re mamash in the house. If someone has a real good heter to leave a cleaning lady at home alone I am looking forward to hearing it. I’m not looking for answers such as we have a camera because the use of a camera is a debate I’m not looking to get involved in. You can email me at

  5. Yeh.
    Its a problem. I don’t see the OU on it.

    What are you people thinking when you hire a non shomer shabbos nanny,nurse or cleaning help?
    They are Halachacly not believed in the best of circumstances.
    The ignorance in this yeshiviah, torahdik town is mind boggling.

  6. When the men will go to work, the women can do what they are supposed to do, watch and educate their children. It’s not the right way that a woman has to bring Parnassa at the costs of the kids growing up with a non jew.

    • I remember the days not long ago when only 10 or 15 bucharim in a class of 150 went on to be “long-term learners” in Kollel. Today, only 10 or 15 bucharim in a class of 150 find gainful employment after marriage. It is time to establish “term-limits” and “entrance limits” for Kollel members.

  7. It’s not a shock at all. In fact, Halachicly, if you leave your home in a non-jew’s care, your pots are considered treif!

    Its amazing how so many people who are generally stringent in all other aspects of Halacha are unaware of this and leave their homes and their precious children with Aino Yehudim.

    wake up!

    • and if a goy works in a restaurant all the food is now not kosher? and what about the pesach and sukkos programs? wedding halls? etc…….

      • Industrial kitchens don’t have milchigs and fleishigs in the same room, don’t allow employees to bring personal belongings into the food preparation areas, have mashgiach temidi – unlike home kitchens.

  8. Pork rinds are NOT “Treif” , they are חזיר !

    The טימטום הלב occurred the moment you outsourced חינוך הבנים to a nanny. I’m also not sure the child here is the one affected with טימטום הלב .

    What about a No outside food policy ?

    Sounds like :
    תחילתו בפשיעה וסופו באונס

  9. The halachah is very clear. If one gives his vessels to a non-Jew to watch (e.g. to repair), even in the Jew’s home (or place of business), one must – mei’ikar ha’din – wait 24 hours before using, for as the Shulchan Aruch and nosei keilim explain, b’chazakah they were used. This open halachah applies to household help as Rav Moshe clearly states in one of his published teshuvos. This is not a chumrah. Without a real nichnas v’yotzei and a real mirsus, there is nothing to rely on. Period.

  10. Yours truly: you are a self righteous, awfully proud, hard working woman… simply the best.
    Ever heard of mental issues? Fatigue? Back pain? Diabetes? Women’s problems? Shalom bayis on the rocks?
    Good for you if you sailed through life having a bunch of kids, being the perfect mom, and being able to keep a sparklingly clean home. Thank the One Above that you are so blessed.
    Some of us weren’t so lucky, so jump off your high horse and stop judging others.

  11. Get real. We have a very strict policy absolutely no food or drink or candy from outside they wash their hands as soon as they walk in food in only eaten in the kitchen and we have a camera.

    Very hard to get good help, ever harder to get a jewish lady to watch a baby full time

  12. To all the judgemental people posting here: My husband and I are public school teachers. We made this decision to work in public school rather than Jewish schools because the salary is at least 3x as much and we are happy to be able to pay full tuition to our children’s school, generously support our beis knesses, and afford an Orthodox lifestyle respectably. But that means that we get home after 3 PM on Fridays, even in the winter, and we work every erev yom tov as well as chol hamoed Succos. I would like to see a single hypocrite poster here step forward to be my children’s nanny while my husband and I are at work but get home right before candlelighting on Fridays and erev yom tov and expect to work on chol hamoed. And no you don’t get off for Purim or any day of Channukah. And you have to work a full day every fast day except Yom Kippur and Tisha B’av, like we do.
    Come work for us and put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise you can be quiet about the fact that we *had* to hire a non-Jewish nanny.

    • You mean that you have to work on Erev Pessach and Chol HaMoed Pessach, too?
      And you aren’t necessarily home to light Chanukkah candles at the perfect zman every night?
      How about working during the Bein HaZman periods throughout the year? You aren’t off?
      And if you tell me me that you have to daven in an early minyan on Purim morning and can’t enjoy being home with your family until the Seuda late in the day . . . . well, I just don’t get it.

      I am in Kollel. Happily, I don’t have such problems.

    • I don’t care what you have to do to make ends meet. Would you eat in McDonald’s because the price is cheaper how about all the other non kosher food it’s much cheaper. Working hard to support a family does not mean that halacha doesn’t apply. If you left a non jew unattended in your kitchen your pots are not kosher sorry. You could’ve done what we did which is hire a Jewish girl to help it costed more but my house is kosher.

      • Anonymous 4:31 your lack of seichel is alarming. Please explain to me what “Jewish girl” would accept a job that requires her to work erev Shaboos until right before candlelighting, erev yom tov (including yes Erev Pesach, too bad), chol hamoed, Purim, fast days, etc. Please tell me who wants that job for any amount of money, because I tried and no one wanted the job even for the nice salary being offered. Now crawl back into your judgemental hole.

  13. Got milk? This deserves to mention the real bitterness of a stalled society. Treif is introduced to too many jews. Mostly indeed the unlucky children of the diaspora whose ignorant parents cut back to go to rot clergy or reform.

    We have a bigger problem.

  14. Oh!!!!!
    I thought I was going to read: SHOCK!!!! Non Jewish babysitter tells Jewish little child not to eat her treif sandwich, and buys for the child an appetizing kosher snack instead.
    Oh BTW while the baby is busy tasting pork, some nonjewish babysitter would sprinkle with “baptizing water”….. beware beware beware!!!! they are deluded the one they worship will reward them a lot for saying their BS with water to a Jewish child, and thus are willing to great lengths to achieve this.

  15. Frum families would not have to hire full-time goyish housekeepers if the Aishes Chayil of the home didn’t have to work full-time.

    And women working full-time is the direct result of more and more avreichem who are “long-time learners” in Kollel. In prior years, only the best and brightest talmidum went to Kollel. Now, it is simply a social “must”.

    That is why many people are secretly saying “Kollel Judaism is a form of racism”.

    Things must change.

  16. I (the man) work and my wife raises the kids. We make it work. On Sundays an honorable non Jewish man cleans our house for 5 hours and does a far better job than any cleaning lady’s work I’ve seen.

  17. Please stop with the judgmental posts about people needing help. If you can manage without kol hakovod. All people are not created with the same capabilities and many of us need some help to make it through in a mentchlach way. That being said it is possible to get help in kosher ways. Jewish even frum babysitters and even nurses are available, they just cost more. Cleaning help can be gotten after hours or hours you are home if you work at it. If it’s important to you it can happen. for those with whatsapp there are any number of chats where people share leads for help.

  18. This can also occur in businesses and even shuls or Jewish schools or camps that have people who don’t keep kosher helping. The following are true:
    My husband worked a place that has some non-Jews working there too. A Jew who wasn’t observant told a non-Jew that kosher laws were for discriminatory reasons. The non-Jew was caught putting non-koshet food he had bought from elsewhere into the oven.
    Someone I know went during the week to help in a shul and saw a non-Jewish employee doing something similar.
    Someone I know worked at a place that manufactured something with a hechsher. A non-Jewish employee bragged that he would heat up his lunch on the machines. A lot of places that produce food do not have a mashgiach temidi and receive a hechsher after scheduled appointments that may only take place once a year.

  19. Too many comments to read them all. I agree with the first that this is fake news. Obviously written by a man. I have no idea what ‘Licha Dodi masmedim’ means. You’re just as fake as the original story.

    • A Licha Dodi masmid is someone who suddenly opens a sefer (the more the better) and learns during Licha Dodi instead of helping the chazzan and the rest of the tzibbur sing the words. He ignorantly wants to show everyone how much of a masmid he truly is. If he can open a Rambam instead of a Gemorah, it impresses the shver all the more. The shver enjoys seeing it because this way the olam is very impressed that he was takeh zoche to get such a lamdan nifla for an eidim.


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