Shmorg 6 Is Out!


shmorg-6The wait is finally over. Shmorg 6 is out! The latest in Oorah’s wildly popular series, this year’s Shmorg Tube is chockfull of entertainment and inspiration that is guaranteed to keep your kids (and you!) riveted for hours on end.

There’s the segment in which Fiveish teaches about bikur cholim in his inimitable fashion, equally entertaining and educational. There are the two exclusive new music videos spicing up Lipa’s Mitzvah Tantz and Eighth Day’s Gam Zu. There’s the inspiring film, Brothers Forever, giving new meaning to the invincibility of a pintele Yid. When Zaidy Was Young 2 comes to life in classic fashion. And Fiveish returns in a revolutionary edition of Fiveish Live.

And that’s not even all. Living Torah Museum, Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky and so much more, this Shmorg Tube will exceed your every expectation. And now it can be yours as a free gift with your donation to the Oorah Auction! In fact, in can ONLY be yours with your donation to the Oorah Auction because this exciting new release is not available anywhere else. It’s an Oorah donor exclusive!

So browse through the many fantastic $5 prizes and enter the Oorah Auction today. Donate now and be among the first to get this exciting package in your mailbox. (Delivery is free!) Wait no longer: donate NOW!

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  1. Would you be impressed if Fiveish somehow got into a bank account? He has too much to gain by being a frolicking expression of human intrigue! Put fiveish in the bank and keep him there! Then maybe you can smile when the account gets some interest. I have none in fiveish as it is!

  2. To anonymous: loosen up and enjoy the simpler things in life. politics may give you an outlet to express yourself but it ain’t worth a dime in the long or short of it.frolicking would be good for your constitution!


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