Shloime Melamed Gets Stolen Car Back After Suspect Uses His Credit Card


The NY Post reports: A Brooklyn man’s stolen car was recovered on Monday when the suspect got greedy and bought a pair of sneakers with a credit card the victim left inside the vehicle.

Shloime Melamed, 23, said he couldn’t find his car Monday morning and then watched home surveillance footage showing his wheels being jacked at about 4:10 a.m.

Melamed reported the theft to both the Borough Park Shmira patrol and NYPD
“I asked, ‘What are the chances of retrieving the car?” Melamed told The Post about when he called police.

“He said, ‘To be honest with you, somewhere between slim to none.’ It was good he gave me honesty but at the same time, it hurt hearing that.”

Melamed was resolved to never seeing his 2018 Lincoln Continental, or the wallet he left inside, again.

That was until his bank called to report some shady action on his credit card – back-to-back shoe purchases for $150 and $225 at a Sunset Park sporting goods store.

It was that second purchase, Melamed said, that tipped off the bank.

“I’m sure they thought, ‘Why wait for later, we’ll regret not getting more now,’” Melamed said.

When the Shmira went to check out the shoe purchase, the patrol spotted Melamed’s Lincoln less than two blocks away and notified cops at the 72nd Precinct to stake out the hot wheels. Officers swarmed on a 19-year-old East Flatbush man getting into Melamed’s car, police said.



  1. “I asked, ‘What are the chances of retrieving the car?” Melamed told The Post about when he called police.
    “He said, ‘To be honest with you, somewhere between slim to none.’

    This is outrageous. With all the security cameras and other such tracking devices the police still say the chance of recovering a stolen car is slim to none?

    Oh, I forgot.Stealing cars is a real crime so the police don’t deal with it.

  2. this reminds me of something similar happening in baltimore many years ago. someone stole the wallet of someone i know, then went to use the credit card to fill up his own car. in those days there was no self service in gas station. so men were hired to perform this service. the serviceman looked at the very jewish name on the credit card and decided that the name did not match the person whose car was being filled so he promptly called the police

  3. The police are not our friends. When will you people stop kissing up to these cowards? This is not the only time these donut eaters have not done their job. A few weeks ago they refused to put any effort into finding the Spanish guy who ran over a few Yidden with his car on 11th ave. These cops are losers who couldn’t get a job doing anything else. They were to dumb or lazy to go to college and get a normal career. Hey, now they can carry a gun, shoot minorities & mentally challenged people, harass taxpaying citizens, abuse others and get away with it, eat donuts and collect their taxpayer funded pension. Sick lowlifes who don’t respect our values. Pheh.

  4. We had a cell phone stolen from our car (smashed window) and with Google we were able to track down the exact location of the phone. The police wouldn’t get it because it was worth less than $500. They also told us not to get it ourselves because it’s dangerous.

    I’m glad this guy got back his car!


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