Watch: Shiur by Rav Michoel Sorotzkin On “Yehoshua Bin-Nun or Ben-Nun” in Honor of Yehoshua Bin Nun’s Yahrtzeit


The following is a shiur from Rav Michoel Sorotzkin about names in the Torah.




  1. Just watched. The issues raised are amazing. The suggestions to understand both names are very original. The Rav has a unique impressive style.

  2. Yehoshua bin nun’s yorzeit is 26 of Nissan- so you are a few days late but this shiur is awsome . Briliiant and very interesting.
    Yishar Choiach

  3. There aren’t too many people in our generation who have the depth of understanding the meaning of names in the Tanach.
    This gifted speaker managed to take us to the ma’amakim of the off sheimos of the greatest images in the Tanach.
    The tzibur lomdei hatoirah needs more of this kind of deep essays.
    Unfortunately,there aren’t too many rabbonim who deliver such choshuve shiurim.

  4. The vort about Bas Sheva is a huge chiddush.
    The one about Yehoshua is a simple geoinus. May be emes!
    What a shiur!

  5. I’m teaching Yehoshua now-in high school – 12th Grade.
    I’m planning to use this fantastic video and make the girls view it.
    It’s so clear, I have no doubt they will appreciate and enjoy immensely .
    Thank you for posting. Pure joy.

  6. Is there a web site that have Rav Sorozkin’s speeches and shiurim; I prefer videos but audios will do as well. I found a few things on Kol Haloshon, but someone said that he says shiurim all over the place.
    Thank you very much

  7. Which Rav Sorotzkin is he? Is Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin related to him? A brother? I heard a few of them speaking over the years. He is the best, in toichen and certainly in his clear and powerful delivery.

    • He is not a brother. He is a cousin. He spends part of the year in America and part in Eeretz Yisrael. He is brilliant; a big baal kishron who knows all over the place. He is an excellent speaker. Every times he speaks in public; if it’s a shiur, a drosho or a speech it’s a true pleasure to listen to him in all areas of Torah; Halacha and Agada. Every shiur is a yom tov le’rabonon.

  8. Not many deep shiurim are catered for women as well. I viewed this shiur together with 2 friends, one is a famous N”ach teacher in bais Yaakov. We we’re thrilled. It’s very interesting, clear and understandable.
    Thank you

  9. You don’t need any yarzeit to post Rabbi Sorotzkin’s fabulous speeches.
    Each speech is a real enjoyment. Pe Mafik Margaliyos…

  10. Anything from this excellent speaker on Sfiras Ha-Omer or Shavuos?
    It will be a real toeles harabim.

    Absolutely fabulous!
    You must get more shiurim from this Rav POSTED ON YOUR SITE MORE FREQUENTLY.
    At least at times of Yom Tov/ Chol Hamoed or special occasions.
    Listening to Rav Sorotzkin is not only Me’ein Olam Habo- but a real Olam-Haze.

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