Shin Bet Pays Up After Trying To Recruit Israeli Youth


Israel’s General Security Service (Shin Bet) paid NIS 6,500 to compensate a young man called for questioning with a police summons.

The claim was filed on grounds that the summons was actually a recruitment routine by the GSS, which constituted a violation of the law after the Supreme Court unequivocally prohibited the GSS from using this method to summon civilians for interviews.

The incident occurred last summer when a policeman spoke to the young man by telephone asking him to go to the Hof district police station, later issuing a summons.

Upon reaching the station, the young man was taken to one of the GSS questioning rooms, where the Shin Bet tried to recruit the young man to conduct regular conversations with him. At no stage was the young man informed that he was not obliged to cooperate in the interrogation, that he could leave the interrogation at any time, that his words could not be used against him, and that no sanctions would be imposed against him at all, as the Supreme Court instructed the GSS to treat civilians.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • The Sh-D, the Begatz, the CIA, the FBI and NSA are all self-empowered government paid mafia. The biggest problem is the apathy of the citizens of Israel and America. Nobody cares. Why should the self-appointed judges in the Begatz be allowed to run the country and have more power than legally elected Prime Ministers who have become their puppets, just like the Presidents in America before Trump who were the CIA’s puppets (which is why ex-CIA director Brennan zol Brennan is mad and can’t digest it)? Why are the Israelis so afraid of them and allow them to do whatever they want, even mix into halachic matters?

  1. Time for revolution. Chareidim need to sorround Supreme Court with a half million people and take it apart brick by brick. And in America every religious Jew must register to vote and vote Republican down the line. Trump 2020


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