Shigella Outbreak in Brooklyn’s Frum Communities


shigellaBrooklyn, NY – Forty-five people in the frum communities of Williamsburg and Borough Park have contracted shigella since August, according to city health officials. Each year, New York City has between 300 and 400 cases of the disease, which frequently crops up in day care centers and other places where children congregate. The majority of those affected in this latest outbreak were also children.

No one has been hospitalized, city health department officials said.

The main symptom is diarrhea. It can become serious among patients with other underlying conditions, but that is relatively rare.

The health department has asked doctors not to use antibiotics to treat shigella because drug-resistant strains of the bacteria may be starting to spread.

{WNYC/ Newscenter}


  1. Rabosai, teach your children to wash hands with soap in the bathroom, after using the bathroom. Many children (and adults) go to the kitchen sink after using the bathroom and wash their hands with the cup designed for naggel wasser. There are two problems with this. One is that it doesn’t do a good enough to get rid of the germs. Second, the germs that are thus removed from one’s hands get into the sink where there may be some plates and cups to be washed which get infected this way.


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