Shia Schonfeld Makes a Kiddush Hashem in Teaneck


teaneckAs the owner of one of the few businesses on Teaneck Road with electricity, Shia Schonfeld decided to share his good luck with his neighbors.

Schonfeld, a partner at Teaneck Kosher Supermarket, began giving away free dinners on Monday to residents who lost power during the recent storm.

The supermarket served 400 to 500 dinners on Monday and expected to serve the same number Tuesday, Schonfeld said. The program will continue on Wednesday if the power is not restored by then, he said.

The dinners are served from 4 to 8 p.m., he said.

Residents can get hot soup, two side dishes and a choice of a main dish, he said. Children can choose from chicken nuggets, hot dogs and french fries, he said.

The offer is not restricted to Teaneck residents, Schonfeld said.

“Anybody who walks in and says “I do not have power,’ we do not ask questions,” he said. “We ask how many kids and how many adults.”

Schonfeld’s home lost power for about two hours on Saturday, long enough, he said, to “terrify” his family. He said he was touched by the stories of those who are struggling without electricity. One woman told him she had not washed her hair in three days, he said.

“We wanted to do this for the community,” he said, “to help out those who do not have electricity, heat or hot water.”

The supermarket did something similar a year ago when heavy winds knocked down a maple tree on Jefferson Street, killing two residents and cutting power to parts of the town, he said.

“We decided God blessed us, we do have power, and we are going to use it for good,” he said. “We are going to do it again.”

{North Newscenter}


  1. You think it’s interesting that a Chasidishe
    person is doing this? I am not shocked at all.
    Chasidim I have noticed many times have a certain
    warmth and generosity in them. Kudos to Shia
    May you be zoche to do many more mitzvos.

  2. Eli, Your comment is strange, unless I misunderstood you. Chassidim are the heart and soul of Communal giving and volunteerism: Hatzalah, Yad Efraim, Satmar Bikur Cholim, Bikur Cholim of almost every Chassidic congregation, and dozens of other orgs. eg Shomrim Chaveirim, and Chesed Shel Emes and just about evrything else these days. Abject apologies if I mistook your meaning but that comment did come across as patronizing. Working on our own observance of V’ahavta L’reiecha should keep us too busy to note the length of a person’s peyos or skirt.

  3. So are kipa srugah, yeshivas, litvish, non-affiliated Jews. Jews are givers. PERIOD. We truly are the light ( & electricity ) unto the nations.

  4. You all misunderstood me. I meant to say that out of all the Teaneck stores, the one owned by chasidim are the ones that are doing this Chesed. On the contrary, they are the ones that always spearhead all chesed organizations. Others can learn from them

  5. Chasidim do loads of chesed there’s no question. There’s a special varmkeit there. But there are plenty of other litvishi jews from lakewood and all over that do amazing things too. That commenter was just impressed how one yid doing this and doing so much.

  6. Shea really has done something wonderful here. If I lived in Teaneck I would shop EXCLUSIVELY at his store. Such a Yid deserves our hard earned dollars!

  7. Olam Chesed Yiboneh … indeed. Teaneck is not known as a chassidishe town, as most of the frum businesses are owned & run by non chassidishe Yidden. So its quite notable that the one store offering such a chesed to the community (at least the one on Matzav) is run by a Chassid. Eli, we didn’t all miss your intent. “Kudos to them”, as you said, should be clear that you intended no sarcasm.


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