Shemurah Matzoh Prices Rise Ever So Slowly


shemurah-matzohPrices for shemura matzohs rose only nominally despite the economy and the steep increases in commodity prices. Most of the bakeries reached by KosherToday said that they were cognizant of the hardship consumers faced in the continuing recession. The cheapest box of shemura matzoh, according to Kosher Today, can be found at D & T Shmura Bakery in Crown Heights for $18.50/lb, a $0.75 increase per pound over 2008 prices., however, has found Chaburah Matzos being sold out of NPGS (The Co-op) in Lakewood, NJ, is cheaper than that, at about $14 a pound.

At Boro Park Matzoh Bakery, a pound went for $19.50, also increased by $0.75.

Chareidim Shmura Matzoh Bakery in Boro Park and Kehilas Yakov Matzo Bakery in Williamsburg both offer their product for $21 a pound. This is only $0.50 more than Chareidim charged last year, and $1 more for Kehilas Yakov. Williamsburg’s Satmar Shmura Hand-Matzoh Bakery sells its standard shemura matzoh for $20 a pound, but also has a “heimieshe mayleh” variety that goes for $23.

Back in Lakewood, the Lakewood Shmura Matzoh Bakery offers matzoh made both before and after Purim, for $18 and $20, respectively. Their gluten free oat matzoh is pricier, selling for $23 for a half pound. Standard Gefen and Rokeach handmade round shemurah matzos are also both available online for $19.99 a pound.

{Raffi Rosenzweig-KosherToday and Noam Newscenter}


  1. They recognize the hardship? Oh please. This is one of the big Jewish rackets, along with esrogim. The matzos don’t cost anywhere near that amount to make, and the people running the bakeries make enough to not have to work the rest of the year.
    Maybe they should get jobs for the other half of the year instead of ripping everyone off.

  2. Such phonies! Matzah bakeries and Esrogim dealers have been ripping off Frum Yidden and getting away with it for too long! It is pure Genaiva and they will have to give a Din Vicheshbon after 120!

  3. If you need matzoh, it is available for $10.00
    a pound. Of course it is tzdaka and for the real complainers, there is always ‘moois chitim’.
    The fact that you are a big talker, does not matter.
    If you think they ripping you off, how come you can not produce matzo for less. You’ll make a killing.
    Stop complaining and do what you have to do.

  4. The matzah bakeries pay rent the whole year and the profits from the matzah have to cover that. The esrogim on the other hand is a MEGA business. I agree those prices are outrages. However, be understanding of the Matzah factories expenses.

  5. Oh wow, Shmurah matzah. walking through the airport with a couple boxes in your hand, show everyone you got it. Oh please, it may be tasty (and I have it to the whole pesach) but please dont make it sound it is a must. If the prices rise, zai gezunt! You just gotta buy regular matzah in a box! Plus I once was at a comedy show (Jewish) and they had this shmmura matzah maker prop. It was a round cardbourd shmurah matzah with an empty square inside. You put your cheap square matzah in the square and it looks like you have expensive (oh wow you are moshe rabainu) shmura matzah! It wasnt for sale though, its a shame they would have made good busness!


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