Shemiras Shabbos Saves Investors’ Money


Two Israeli businessmen recovered a bad investment thanks to their cancelation of a flight they feared might involve chillul Shabbos, Bechadrei Chareidim reports.

In 2007, the two bought forty acres of land in Romania from an Israeli woman for $29,500. Following a financial meltdown the following year, the land became worthless. But because the two never physically traveled to Romania to set up a company, the sale was deemed worthless by European law.

Justice Zechariah Yemini of the Ramallah District Court ruled that the seller must repay them $58,600, the original sum paid plus linkage and interest. Justice Yemini noted in his verdict that the buyers had intended to fly to Romania to set up a company but cancelled their flight due to the fear that this might lead to chillul Shabbos.

“The plaintiffs… purchased tickets to Romania,” he wrote. “The flight was scheduled to take place on Friday but was delayed due to stormy weather. Because the plaintiffs did not want to fly on Shabbos, especially as they needed to take a connecting flight…, they left the plane and did not fly. Due to not flying to Romania they subsequently failed to establish a company there.”

{ Israel}


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