Sheldon Silver Gets 12 Years in Prison


Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced today to 12 years in federal prison for corruption charges.

Silver was found guilty on all charges in Nov. 2015 after prosecutors proved he took millions of dollars worth of bribes from real-estate and medical interests.

Silver’s 12-year sentence falls short of the 14-year sentence handed to former Assemblyman William Boyland.



  1. He was actually facing a potential sentence of 140, got only 12. Compare with Rubashkin who got way more for much less. Guess it pays to be well connected.

  2. Why was my comment about another shining example of the American justice censored by the Matzav’s moderator? Stalinism?!

    • Stalinism? Matzav is a private paper. As much as i hate it when they censor comments they are well withen their rights to do so.

      • Private paper or not, stalinism is all about shutting down and censoring any slight deviation from your personal opinion. The civilized approach is to let people talk, and then argue your case if you disagree.

  3. Comment#1:
    Yes, the system is broken. Reb SMR was clearly railroaded because he is frum and he is a frum looking Hasidik Jew. Linda Reade is a rabid Anti Semite.

  4. My comment for some odd reason was also not published. Maybe I made a technical error, dunno. In any case, The american sentencing system and prison system is very similar to Russias… nothing better than the worst in the world. You speak to pple that have been in there for even a year; theres no division between killers and white collar criminals… Punishments do not match the offences at all. Israeli system is much more secheldig… I know that canadas is too. Look at someone like Madoff ; in canada he wouldve had a short 5 yr sentence… but his real punishment was not being able to ever get rich again… repaying fines and walking around like a pauper; for a man as greedy as that ; looking poor and pauperish would be the best punishment.


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