Sheldon and Miriam Adelson Donate Another $40 Million To Birthright


adelsonThe Birthright Israel Foundation on Friday announced a new $40 million gift from Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson that continues their commitment to fund free, 10-day educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults between the ages of 18 and 26. The gift brings the Adelsons’ total donations to the program to $180 million.

Sheldon Adelson, pictured, and his wife Miriam have donated another $40 million to Birthright Israel. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Dr. Miriam Adelson said, “Exposing young Jews to Israel helps broaden their awareness and deepen their cultural identity. We are committed to the goal of all young Jewish adults having the opportunity to be inspired by their ancestral homeland.”

Sheldon Adelson added, “As a proud American, I celebrate Israel’s commitment to liberty and democratic values. By supporting Birthright Israel, Miriam and I want to give young people not only an enjoyable experience, but also knowledge of Israeli society, and the desire to live for a cause larger than themselves.”

Source: JNS.ORG

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  1. Opulent dreams are not the real way of Torah. I digress that I do not support Birthright Israel. We really have Birthright Judaism. And if you want to be seen in the Holy Land, please try committing yourself to Torah Learning instead of tourism.

  2. If a percentage of these people came back to true Judaism it would be worth it but because they don’t usualt aside for the religious version of birthright where people are already religious, this money would be much better invested in the yeshivot and kollelim around the world that are fighting to survive.

  3. Very interesting that the pious among us,
    will always find wrong with how others choose
    to give their money away.
    As one who has 4 children go on birth rite
    I can say it is amazing.

  4. Anonymous #1, you are really something. Mr. and Mrs. Adelson openly give to Jewish and conservative causes, unlike their counterparts who support hospitals and universities. You have zero hakaras hatov. Moreover, I personally know several unafilliated teens who went on birthright and are now shomrei torah.

  5. #1 A large number of Birthright attendees especially those that go with a Religious Tour Guide…have then embraced and went to further their education in Yiddishkeit.

  6. Wasted years in a casino industry for what is partially ill gotten gain does not amount to true yiddishkeit. BR Israel is good for the kiddies who need to be buttered up with freebies. It was not around when I was growing up and quite frankly I would be more proud of the trip I financed myself. BR Israel may bring some to a more jewish way of life of course but really it is not truly a blessing especially considering the apparent source of funds. Really I could care less but at least in my ways, I do not seek to learn from a chicanery of some proportion as this is not orthodox in my true views. So send your kiddies and get your bubbles.

  7. With ill gotten gain, the best thing you can do is donate to hospitals and maybe universities. Ill gotten gain should not fund the holy yeshiva since Hashem wants us to grow from dignity and diligence. Sheldon does in fact I think support some neurological research and I think that is great. But really if your money is tainted with greed, impartiality, fervor, complacency or mistrust; don’t think your charity is a true mitzvah when you offer it to causes so that you get recognition. He should spend more and more for causes like diseases and medical care since his tainted money causes disease in the general population and thus if Sheldon uses it to help cure disease, he can leave the world with the true fact that he did more good than harm. I am not sure that giving the yound adults frills constitutes as going the distance to being a benevolent soul, but perhaps Mr. Adelson wants to be known as “uncle” Sheldon. He can definately do better to improve his crashed neshama.

  8. The man is giving to Jews! Frum or not they are Jews. Where he made his money is not our issue – he can just as easily spend it on thousands of charities that do nothing for Jews. Birthright is a wonderful program that has bought many lost souls home.

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Adelson for such a NOBLE act of generosity.

  9. #10 you are wholly incorrect. BR biggest nightmare is that virtually no one does anything Jewish because they went to Israel.
    There are programs run by Aish Hatorah (Metro, Enterprise etc) that spend weeks working for BR just to find a solution to this problem.
    Less than 1/4 of 1 percent of people do ANYTHING Jewish because they went on BR.
    The money is actually being blown on making people feel good and has nothing to do with helping people in the direction of Shomrei Torah Umitzvos.

  10. To # 15. I think you should work on getting rich like Sheldon and then doing what you want with it. Until then you have zero say on how anyone spends their money, and as was said before, his money seems to be spent more wisely that others’. You are extremely judgmental.

  11. Kids who go on Birthright are statistically more likely to marry Jews and remain jewishly involved. My cousin went on a birthright funded trip with Aish and spent two weeks in yeshiva for the first time in his life.

  12. My dear sir,
    Jews do not profit from irregular consumption of sin. If you think I need to compare myself to poor Sheldon, think again. I do in fact have the opportunity to give to many charities including many in Israel and abroad. I am grateful that Hashem has let me have that opportunity and I do not need to “work to get rich” so that I can give more to please the chicken coop. If you think that Jewish life is revolving around getting rich at someone else’s expense, think again.


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