Shekel Flat Against Dollar, Weaker Against Euro


shekelThe shekel is flat against the dollar and losing ground to the euro in inter-bank trading. The shekel-dollar exchange rate is down 0.07%, compared with yesterday’s representative rate, to $3.751/$, and the shekel- euro exchange rate is up 0.83% to NIS 4.934/€.

In international markets, the dollar is trading at $1.311/€ and against the yen at ¥80.42/$.

Atrade reports this morning that investors will try to maintain positive sentiment, although Europe’s woes make that especially difficult.

Israeli investors were given a boost by news that the Procurement Managers Index rose 1.8% in March.

{Globes/ Newscenter}


  1. To be quite frank, a lot of people are beginning to worry about the political stability of Israel, given the tone of the current government. Why invest in Tel Aviv when there’s a good chance your plant will get flattened if Netanyahu stages a raid on Iran? Why risk getting tied up in a corruption investigation if you have to pay for protekzia? And some of the news coming out of the Territories could make you worried too, like using IDF officers as police when they don’t even know enough to look around for a camera before bashing someone in the face. There can be debates about what is right and what is wrong, but there’s no denying when gross stupidity shows up on Youtube for the world to see.

    Time to throw the old bums out of office, and bring in a new crew, who will in time inevitably also become bums, but in the meantime Israel might get some competent government for a change.


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