Shechitah Called “Barbaric” In British House Of Lords


shechitah1Britain – Clearer labelling of meat should be introduced in Britain to help identify animals killed in accordance with religious slaughter, peers have argued.

During a fierce debate in the House of Lords, shechita was described as “barbaric” and “absolutely unacceptable” before Jewish peers rallied to defend the practice.

The animal welfare and slaughter methods debate, prompted by a question from veterinary professor Lord Trees, concentrated on “ethical, legal and religious factors” relating to pre-slaughter stunning and the labelling of the meat produced.

Animals used for kosher and halal meat are not stunned before slaughter.

Lord De Mauley, the government’s food spokesman in the Lords, said that while the government “would prefer to see all animals stunned before slaughter”, the production of kosher and halal meat would continue to be protected.
Lord Trees quoted a Jewish vet who had written to him claiming she had “never witnessed anything as horrific as shechita slaughter”. The woman said the practice of non-stunning was “barbaric” and had caused her to stop eating kosher meat.

Lord Trees said that while he respected Jewish and Muslim practices, “unnecessary suffering is being caused to a very substantial number of animals by slaughter without stunning.”

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  1. What a bull stinking mess of liberty against its own resolve!!!!!!!!!!

    The British are as complacent as a hard boiled egg in a thermos!!!!!!!!!

    To think that our people are considered barbaric in an ethical practice!!!!!!!!!!!

    Completely insane………

    Making a mess of your own nostalgic prayer is an offense of higher proportion. The wicked are always stymied by their own voice. There is no conversation of enlightenment for a human attrition of unstaked fortune.

    G-d has a Jewish people who are Ethical Leaders.

    What did the poor world of the last 4000 years do before the “stun”. Total ignorance.

    And yes, Shechita is of course Ethical and ideally pain free. The idolatry of the world is just a comical divide between human aggression and its own hatred of the world of time.


  2. Is lord Trees just as repulsed when anti-Semites attack humans? Funny, but this is the first time his name has surfaced with regard to any ‘rights’ issue! Where has he been when Yidden have been attacked both in his country and abroad? Has he even uttered a word when rockets have been fired? Go back up your tree and hibernate further.

  3. Wrong wrong wrong…even the am haoretz knows better.

    Someone should explain why the animal prepared the kosher way doesn’t suffer and those animals be they kosher or treif suffer terribly when butchered by the secular “butchers”…

    The world is upside down

  4. It is absolutely “stunning” that Lord Trees does not consider stunning barbaric.

    Pre-schechita stunning of an animal is classic Tzaar-Baalei-Chayyim. Not only that, but the stunning could easily render the animal trief from the trauma.

    Why does Lord Tress not get testimony from a shochet about the shchita process? Do you know of any schochtim that are vegetarian?

  5. You mean shocking and animal and cutting it up while it is still alive is not barbaric. But Kosher kill where the animal is dead before the cut up is barbaric????? We are living in an upside down world good is bad and bad is good. Kosher and 7 noahide rules you should not take a leg off of a live animal.


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