Shas Minister Helps With Tefillin


Chaviv Gabai had a stroke two months ago and lost the use of his left hand. After his release from Yerushalayim’s Hadassah Hospital, his daughter appealed on Facebook: “I am seeking your help. My dear father is presently having trouble putting on tefillin. Can someone in the area come to help?”

To their surprise, Minister of Religious Affairs David Azoulay of Shas showed up together with a member of a rabbinical chesed organization.

“I was touched by the rabbonim [who helped] after long months of suffering during which I seldom put on tefillin because of my health,” Gabbai said. “From this morning, the rabbonim will put on my tefillin every morning. This kind of help should not be taken for granted.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. To anonymous: not that he can’t but that he did. Everyone who can help is worthy of our gratitude, but famous people don’t usually do it, outside the framework of their regular (famous) activities. This minister obviously realized that he can do it, therefore he should, just like rest of us plebeians, only a few of which actually volunteered for this task.

    • Just because it’s his job doesn’t mean a lack of gratitude. Moshe hid the dead mitzri in the sand, and still showed the earth gratitude. The sand was just doing its job. Same with the Nile.


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