Shas Apologizes for Attack on Bennett As “The Man With The Eye-Sized Kippah”


naftali-bennett-former-chief-of-staffEli Yishai, the Shas co-chairman, called MK Uri Ariel of HaBayit HaYehudi and apologized in advance for an article that is about to be distributed in Israeli shuls on Erev Shabbos. The article in Shas’ weekly pamphlet, Miyom Leyom, refers to HaBayit HaYehudi chief Naftoli Bennett as “the man with the eye-sized kippah,” adding that “this kippah is, indeed, worth half a shekel.”

The article also questioned Bennett’s ability to appreciate limud haTorah.

“I am very sorry for these words,” Yishai told Ariel today, according to Maariv, as reported by Arutz 7. “They were not written with my consent. This is not our path. As far as these matters are up to me, these things will not happen again.”

Ariel thanked Yishai for the apology and said, “It is time to stop this ugly thing. It is proper and desirable that there be an apology for the previous statements, so that we can work in cooperation in the future for the benefit of the nation and the Land.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. pathetic! why cant people disagree without being disagreeable?

    Instead of all the lashon hara, sinas chinam and lashing out, it would be in their best interests to work together with Bennett/Lapid.

    The charedi parties need to realize that they are a minority and that the vast majority of the country agrees that there needs to be a sharing of the burden.

  2. Shas has a bad habit of puting it’s foot in it’s mouth and then having to apologize later for it. Maybe Shas is so socially disfunctional that they need to reassess it’s ability to function in a civilized society.

  3. The headline is incorrect.

    Shas did not apologize.

    There are two co-Chairmen of Shas and Yishai is only one of them.

    The Shas newspaper says that their article was authorized by Shas leadership.

    It is they, not Eli Yishai, who was not part of the decision, who would need to retract this.

  4. It was reported on another Jewish website that Miyom Leyom (a Shas paper) received approval from R. Ovadia Yosef to publish the attack on Bennett.

  5. #4, Kikar reported that all 3 Shas leaders came out with a joint statement distancing themselves from that Yom LeYom article.

    #6, I very much doubt the accuracy of that report.

  6. Jerry, it’s time that you go back to our basics and re-learn Pirkei Avos. Bennet is not a “problem”. Today he is a Jewish leader representing a significant segment of Torah observant Jews. He is also in a very strong position to either help or not help the more Chareidi elements of Israeli society. Why would you ever want to antagonize a person yielding such power? How does it help your game by making fun of his kippah?

  7. To “Concerned”:

    Mr. Bennett has to decide, does he want a Medina based on Torah or does he want a secular state, like we have now, devoid of all Yiddishkiet! Untill he shows Derech Eretz, even to “his” own Rabbonim of Dati Leumi, he should be shunned!

  8. #14 Jack Rubin if they were Torah observant Jews as you suggest, they would not be out to destroy Torah, would they? As for the 5-agorot sized kippa, it is a mitzva to make fun of reshaim.

    That said, I disagree with the article. as quoted, as I doubt very much the kippah of that person is indeed worth half a shekel. Half a shekel is the worth of a good and whole Yid: the kippah of that rasha is worth whatever is worth.


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