Sharpton Threatens To Sue Rush Over Op-Ed Remarks


sharpton-rush-limbaughThe Rev. Al Sharpton today threatened to sue conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for writing in a column that the civil rights leader played a role in two New York race riots. In a column published by the Wall Street Journal today about his derailed bid to become part-owner of the St. Louis Rams, he accuses Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson of making comments that helped get him booted from a group that was trying to buy the NFL team.Limbaugh derided Sharpton as having played “a leading role in the 1991 Crown Heights riot” and the “1995 Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot.”

Those comments prompted a quick retort from Sharpton, who called both allegations false.

Sharpton was not present for or involved in the rioting in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section in August 1991, during which hundreds of blacks were involved in attacks on the neighborhood’s Jewish residents. He did deliver a eulogy at the funeral of the youth whose death in a traffic accident triggered the violence, but that didn’t happen until the violence ended.

Sharpton also wasn’t present on Dec. 8, 1995, when a lone, black gunman burst into Freddie’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned business in Harlem, started shooting and set the building on fire. Seven people died. There was no riot.

Sharpton’s organization had, like other black groups, been involved in picketing the business over its plans to expand into space occupied by a black-owned business, but he said he couldn’t be blamed for the madman’s rampage.

“Unless Mr. Limbaugh apologizes and clarifies his statements, attorneys for Rev. Sharpton will move forward with a lawsuit,” said a written statement released today by Sharpton’s spokeswoman. “He has the right to criticize Rev. Sharpton, but he does not have the right to accuse him of criminal activity, and riots and murders are criminal.”

A spokesman for Limbaugh, Tony Knight, of Sitrick and Company, did not immediately respond to an e-mailed request for comment.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


  1. Sharpton was protesting in Harlem in front of Freddie’s and did say that someone should shoot the guy in his speeches and it turns out someone later did. That is incitement.

  2. I don’t listen to Rush to be able to say he’s indeed a racist. But what I can attest is that every single word uttered in his op-ed is true and to the point. The racists in modern age are the blacks etc. They make it as if they deserve everything because of their skin color or else you’re branded a racist. When was the last time an African-American was killed or arrested, innocent or guilty and we didn’t hear the word ‘Race’? Deep down we all agree that Barack Obama won the democratic nomination and the general election because of his skin color. Can you imagine him losing? You would’ve heard ‘Race’! Some black leader even declared riots if he gets defeated. Why did he get 97% of the black vote if not because of racism? Why do they get accepted first into govermental jobs etc. if not for their skin color? Racism became a sledge hammer and a tool to get what their hearts desire. And let’s not forget who always stood at the helm of these claims and riots, our dear anti-semite and sonei yisroel Al Sharpton. Rush you have the full support of the entire jewish community to help you with any lawsuit involving you and Sharpton. I’m sure you’ll get busloads of people driven in from Crown Heights into the court house to stay at you’re side and say what they witnessed at those riots with Al Sharpton.

  3. Bring it on al yms. When all the dirt comes out maybe you will learn to be quiet. You disgusting excuse for a human creature!

  4. I feel what they would like to do more then anything is to hurt him in his wallet. Law suits hurt they also cost lots of money and lost time. He will need others to fill in for him more then usual so forth and so on. Even if Sharpton doesn’t win it is a way of breaking Rush.


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