Sharpton Promises ‘Season of Civil Disobedience’ in Response to Sessions Nomination


National Action Network president Rev. Al Sharpton promised a “season of civil disobedience” in reaction to the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) for attorney general in the Trump administration, PJ Media reports.

Sharpton, an MSNBC host, said activists have planned a march in Washington on Jan. 14 during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend to protest the Sessions nomination. Sharpton recalled spending 90 days in jail for protesting on U.S. Navy land against military exercises on the island of Vieques in 2001 when George W. Bush was president, adding that civil disobedience usually works because it changes policy.

“We’re not just doing this to be doing it. We do it because it can lead to change and, believe me, there will be a season of civil disobedience particularly around the Sessions nomination,” he said Friday on a conference call with other civil rights organizations’ leaders such as Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, and Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza.

Sharpton offered a preview of the mass march, explaining that activists plan to outline their intent to visit senators’ offices and make some house calls to “make them understand” they will be held accountable for voting in favor of Sessions, whose confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Make them understand that if they think they are voting based on some courtesy of a Senate colleague and will not face a real backlash in their own states, then they have another thing coming. This is not going to be some regular ceremonial procedure that they’re going to be able to bluff their way through,” he said.

“We intend to make this a critical stand in terms of where people are with civil rights and voting rights in this country. No one will be given a pass to say ‘I had to vote for my colleague.’ This is an affront to everything the civil rights and voting rights community has stood for historically and a vote for Sessions should be held accountable and punishable by the voters,” he added. PJ Media



  1. Hey fat Al, you really expected another Holder or Lynch from the new president? And your people were so civil and obedient on Obama’s watch?
    What Sharpton is really saying is that the animals want to run the zoo, but the changing of the guard gives them a perfect excuse.
    This is the very same moron who repeatedly insisted that blacks running the subway turnstiles or urinating in public should not pe prosecuted, because that’s a “cultural thing” for them. Some people, some culture.

  2. Sharpton has enough tax fraud to be put away for a decade or so. Use the law as it is used on regular guys; put the not so sharp-ton away.

  3. Good luck.
    Someone should let the good reverend know that Trump plans on cutting WIC, food stamps etc. The chevra demonstrating for a “season”, might need a new source of income.
    Other than rabble rousing, does the good reverend have any ideas or social policies that he wants to lay out?
    Do some research. You will not believe how many times the good reverend has been at the white house the past eight years.
    He just wants another way to get back in. It’s not easy losing unearned privileges.

  4. Hey Al. Why is it that you only protest when it’s Republicans? When it comes to Democrats, you are a good soldier and ALWAYS circle the wagons for them.
    Mimah nifshuch. If he’s threatening Republicans, they don’t care about him because his people will never vote for a Republican anyway. So that threat is meaningless, unless he threatens them with violence or death, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    If he’s threatening a Democrat, again, what do they have to lose? They’re going to vote for a Republican instead?! Not in a million years! Have an even more Liberal Democrat replace the incumbent? Sharpton has a terrible track record in that regard. So this whole civil disobedience thing is a made up dream of his lackeys in the media. Sharpton thinks Hillary won and he can just continue his shenanigans. Trump won and thank God he is not afraid of the media (like Bush, McCain, & Romney were) & will do whatever it takes to get his people confirmed. He is not afraid of the corrupt DNC controlled media branding him a racist. He won’t fold lie a cheap camera.

  5. If he wants to accomplish something positive, let him go to Chicago and try to do something to lower the murder rate – mainly the black on black murders. Let him incite his people to make sure that this needless killing stop!! It is sad how many innocent children are getting killed in the drive-by shooting by gang members. Go somewhere where you might accomplish something positive.


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