Sharansky’s Kosel Plan: Mixed Area Where Women Can Wear Talleisim


sharanskyJewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky has drafted a proposal for so-called “equality” at the Kosel between men and women, as well as between frum Yidden and Reform Jews. According to the proposal, which will be submitted to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in the coming days, the area from the Kosel plaza in the north to Robinson’s Arch in the south will be divided into three separate sections. One will be designated for men, one for women, and a third for both men and women.

Such a solution would mean that every visitor to the Kosel, including those belonging to the radical Women of the Wall group, which constantly holds gatherings to garner attention from the media and police, would be able to wear talleisim and read from the Torah in the “mixed area.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Baruch Hashem it looks like they’ll be able to come to a conclusion which will hopefully promote achdus in Klal Yisrael in a place which means so much to so many different people…

  2. That is unacceptable this is the Kotel this nonesense talk about unity etc as an excuse for chucking Halachic practice out the window belies how woefully little this prisoner of Zion knowns about the Holiness of Jerusalemand the Kotel

  3. Shoimu shamayim. At first it was the Romans that placed idols in the holiest places. Now it’s unfortunately (so called) yidden, that are promoting niuf, and tinnuf, at this holy place. And them we wonder why….

  4. that is the thanks- it was the orthodox who fought (me included) to have him freed from the gulag. The feeling is betrayal… I went to rallys, etc. I guess it is his russian upbringing – you can not judge anybody… Hashem yerachem..

  5. True bnei Torah who were really learned would know that there is no problem with women layning for women, saying Kaddish or many other activities that were TRADITIONALLY only performed by men but are HALACHICLY permissible for women. There is no such thing as “the Halach is…” there are different paths that take into consideration multiple variables that can arise.
    I suppose the despicable references you are making about Scharansky illustrate your true tendencies – you lack Ahavas Yisroel.
    (and I bet the moderator won’t have the guts to post this comment without editing it!)

  6. “Watch the world argue, argue with itself. Who’s going to teach them peace and happiness ?”

    – INXS, Dancing on the Jetty, 1984

  7. Be careful how you speak about Natan Sharansky. He was moser nefesh for yiddishkeit and his zichuyot for sure out weighs any of ours. There is a problem that he is trying to deal with. Unfortunately, because of their own actions, the Chareidi world has NOT brought upon themselves the love and admiration of the rest of Klal Yisroel. Speak with love and respect and maybe then others with respect you

  8. Fevers of resigned indifference such as the women of the wall should be answered by authorities who can sing Hiney Ma Tov and drown the women of the wall away from their “stations”.

  9. Why are the frummer rolling over & caving in to all these wicked people? Is his Kavod more important to him? Sharansky, go make up your own religion.

  10. Which section will they designate for those wishing to worship idols? Not fair to exclude or discriminate against idolaters. They have just as much a right to “daven” at the wall as anyone else.
    Looking forward to the newly renovated bathrooms for the “same gender” kehillos.

  11. Is this what we should be dealing with now taking away kedusha from the kosel what a embarrasement. how many of these woman are even shomer shabbos ? Is this their biggest problem in lifethey have t daven mixed and sharansky of all eople is promoting this he wants to promote such a thing and do way with the statis quoof all people if sharansky gets this through who know what lapid will try to get through next this is a embarrasement to. Klal yisroel

  12. All the 7 Comments I have read, “Are” all missing the most important point here. It is Not Sharansky, It is Not for Achdus, it is the pure, continuous evil attempt by the Reform & Co. to push there evil agenda. Their struggle, spending millions of $$$, to get recognition for their false, diluted, water down way of Yiddushkite. Yes, we are One People, One G-d, One Torah. Yes, there are different sect of Jews, among us. Different Minhagim etc., but no one is out there to destroy Torah. We all agree on Shabbos, Kosher, Family Purity etc. The New Cancer that is destroying societies, is the Liberal, Feel Free, Do what I want attitude. Freedom!!! Even Freedom has stoppers. These people do not want “Stoppers”. That is Hashem Yerachem!!!

  13. #3 & #6 – when you’ve suffered as much for your Yiddishkeit and Jewish identity as Natan Sharansky did, then you can talk. In the meantime, keep quiet in front of a man who had more courage in his little finger than you could muster in a lifetime.

  14. Both parties will oppose this plan: The religious people will still consider it a desecration of a religious site. The militant feminists will loose their show platform – the feminazis don’t care for praying – it’s all a Sal Alinsky tactic – they need to put on their shocking show in as much of a public view as possible – being segregated won’t do the trick. Sharansky is a fool, who should stay out of micro-managing religious sites.

  15. Is this why they let him out of the Soviet Union????

    Machrevayich U Maharisaych Memaych Yatzayu.

    Let him work with Putin.

  16. I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should post this or not…if it will do any good, if it would contribute something positive to the Jewish community….but I can’t help it, it needs to be said!!! Hashem forgive me if I am wrong, and if this insignificant post does more evil than good.

    I am ashamed of what the so-called orthodox community has devolved into for the most part! We give lip service to bringing Mashiach, yet everything we do in our interaction with other Jews runs counter to basic tenants of Judaism. Keeping Halachot is important and fundamental to anyone who professes to be an observant Jew. But more important than that is emulating Hashem, being a G-dly person. The very basic tenant of Judaism remains ve ahavta lereecha kamocha, everything else is ancillary!

    I read the comments on this website every morning, and I shudder to how the people of mamlechet kohanim have turned into narrow-minded, elitist, judgmental, simpletons. We learn gemmarah and mussar and chasiduth and what have you, and yet we fail to rectify the reason for our galuth of this past almost two thousand years. The very fact that we remain in galuth confirms this. Instead of having love for each other, love for every Jew….every single human being that is borne of a Jewish mother, instead of tikkun olam, righting wrongs in the world….all over the world, starting with our own communities but extending to the whole of creation where our hands can reach to do good and kindness, instead of emulating Hashem in doing gemiluth chasadim, acts of selfless mercy and kindness,……instead of all that, we add to the enmity between brothers and sisters, we judge our friends and neighbors on the size of their kippah and the length of their skirt, whether they eat rice and garlic on pesach or not, or whether the shirt they wear is solid white or, heaven’s forbid, is of a different color!! we act standoffish and superior to our fellow Jew because we think because we keep shabbath or kashruth we are in fact a better Jew than them. WE ARE NOT. Oh my, how our holy nation has fallen from the heights of kedushah to the lows of pettiness, close-mindedness, and ignorance of Torah!

    Wake up people, take off your blinders, show your fellow Jew and fellow man kindness and a smile, along with your orthodoxy to your version of halchah and minhag. If your path to Hashem is one of special zeal to the mitzvoth of adam lemakom, it does not make you patoor from the more important mitzvoth of adam lechavero!!!

    I am the lowliest of the low among my brothers and sisters, and I am going to start with myself by doing teshuvah every day. My sincere apologies if I heart anyone with this post.

  17. Interesting to see how this string of comments has developed. It was sinas chinam that brought about the Churban and here were have evidence that the lesson has still not been learned. Right on this page you fight about the doorstep of the Beis HaMikdash, calling each other names and spitting at each other because one can’t afford the other respect for their way of connecting with Hashem. Look carefully at yourself before you judge and demean others, any others!

  18. #22 – you are right on. However, you shouldn’t feel quite so badly. For some reason talkbacks bring out the worst in some people. Furthermore, some people commenting on this and other sites aren’t Jewish – not by birth and not by education.

    What you can do is keep posting. Short posts work better – people are more likely to read them. Keep putting in your viewpoint, and like the water on the rock (remember the story of Hillel) eventually it can have some influelnce.

  19. His suggestion is not surprising at all. This guy always talks from both sides of his mouth. He is completely devoid of any Jewish education and most likely a closet socialist. The chutzpah is reaching a new level of chilul H’. He is typical of today’s misyavnim – this is just what they would do. There is a very big problem in Israel today. Read and see what’s ‘really’ happening!

  20. #17, Yesh LeHavin: Very well said! Kudos.
    #22, Sephardi Tahor: You’re a little mixed up. Achdut can only be attained if it’s! under TORAH! Otherwise, all gets lost. Where would we be today, if we did not have the Maccabbees in ancient Greece? If we did not have the prushim in ancient Rome? If we did not have Mordechai & Esther in ancient Persia? Etc., etc. We have been fighting the miscreants (erev rav) amongst us for centuries. Achdut amongst bnei Yisroel is only under the banner of Torah!!!

  21. #9 what level of Smicha do you hold? and from who? I disagree with positions regarding Halachic practice. As the Talmud in Megila permit women to be called to the Torah but in the same breath prohibits the practice. And yes the application of Halacha to a specific situation does include much fact based information. However in your framework there could be no Schulchan Aruch as general restatement of Jewish Law could not be either reliable or possible. Think it over.

  22. To Anon. (30): I’ve been edited or ignored (inexplicably, of course) myself and I have to defend the concept of Matzav’s editing, even if I don’t always agree with it. That’s the only way to go for a news site that aspires to serve the religious community.


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