Shapiro: Who Could Trump Beat In 2020?


Ben Shapiro answers a mailbag question about who he thinks will be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2020.



  1. With the Democratic Party on the verge of dying, Oprah Winfrey would have as good a chance as Hillary, Biden, Harris and any other Democrat nothings. None of them will receive more than 10% (at the most) of the American public voting for them in the 2020 election. Just yesterday, when President Trump’s rally in Texas was over 100,000 (hundred thousand) people, Obama didn’t even have more than 1,200 (twelve hundred) people at his rally in Nevada.

    • No fan of Obama but of course a former president is going to get less of a crowd than a current one.

      If either of the Bushes were campaigning there would be no crowd there either.

      Carter doesn’t campaign for anyone anymore. Because he’s been out of office for so long that no one is interested in hearing from him at a campaign event.

      (And also because until Obama came along the protocol was for former presidents to limit their activity in politics and to never criticize the current president)

      • NONSENSE! Hillary (or Biden or anyone else) would’ve gotten even less had she conducted the rally and she did! Before the 2016 election, Hillary’s rallies consisted of “33” people (remember that one in Florida?) to less than 1,000. NOTHING HAS CHANGED in the Democratic party since then. Obama took over the rallies because of this and still could not get more than about 1,000 people.

  2. The only possible winner for democtarts will be a democratic version of trump. Period. Everyone is bored of career partitions, but like exciting outsiders such as billionaires with an attitude. I think Mark Cuban would have a very good chance, or somebody like him that can go head-to-head with Trump On charisma And be willing to get down into the gutter with him


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