Shapiro: Trump’s Comments About Ford Not Productive


President Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Ford at rally; Ben Shapiro reacts to partisan tension surrounding Kavanaugh on ‘The Story.’



  1. Ben is wrong again!

    He should mock her and so should everyone else. What this woman did is set a very dangerous precedent. She accused another person 35 years later, without ANY EVIDENCE or witnesses in order to ruin his career.
    She should be mocked to no end!

  2. The entire affaire le Ford is a partisan farce – suddenly all 49 Democratic senators believe the accuser and not the Judge? The Republicans are almost as bad – “almost” but not quite, because at least some Republicans are seriously considering the Ford’s accusations and backing a FBI investigation.

    To me, Ford seems to be a believable compelling witness, but I’d still confirm Kavanaugh. Why? Because he was also convincing in his denials, her testimony is uncorroborated, key details including the timeline are fuzzy, and if we reject Kavanaugh based on one person’s uncorroborated testimony then any convincing liar will be able to torpedo any nominee in the future. It would not be a comfortable “Yes” vote, but the threshold of evidence needed to compel a “No” vote hasn’t been crossed. JMO.

  3. I know you want to sound balanced but give me a break Democrats never apologize for anything they say whatever they want without regard for consequences and we always have to be so careful the way we speak to them it’s time to stop caring and just like they don’t care

  4. If the Democrats are mad at Trump’s comment it proves well that it’s very productive. At least there’s 1 Republican out there with courage and getting at these lowlifes the way they do. But Shapiro would never have the courage to say this to them afraid of being strangled by these animals who were once called Democrats.

  5. Ben doesn’t like the Donald.
    He forgets that Trump got his GOP nomination by ridiculing the other 16 contenders.
    That seems to resonate with the voters.
    Hilary’s followers must be more sophisticated…

    • Hey 5:13, there is nothing sophisticated about sophistry. The fact is that Hilary is a mobster and a manipulative liar, and her supporters are either criminals or (mostly) useful idiots. Trump may get too emotional sometimes, but at least he’s not lying – truthfulness is what resonates with the intelligent voters. Trump won: cry your heart out, you lib!

  6. When you corner a rattlesnake it really puts up a fight. The dems see the working on the wall. They’re running scared.

  7. Sorry Ben but you are totally wrong on Trump AGAIN!

    The reason it was PERFECT was because now the lamestream media is FORCED to talk about it and not the people would hear how gosh blank awful Dr Ford was in claiming Judge Cavanaugh assaulted her.

    She lies!!!!

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