SHAMEFUL: Palestinians Giving Out Candy To Celebrate Terror Attack That Killed One



  1. They have no decency, no empathy, and no humanity. They have any semblance of morality brainwashed out of their systems from the moment of their birth.

    Contrast this behavior with the revulsion and sympathy expressed by the rest of the world, regardless of religion (or its lack), at the massacre in New Zeeland.

  2. What is really shameful is that we make any allowances for so called peace talks they should not even be considered until the pa not only crass encouraging these murders but rather shows consistently that they are actually opposing them until then there should be zero discussion with these animals

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if those desserts were poisonous, and all those Palestonians died?
    I know I would think it funny. I’d laugh so hard.


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