Shameful: Haaretz Cartoon Mocks Shabbos Elevator Controversy and the Gadol Hador


elevator-cartoon-smallNever missing an opportunity to take a religious issue and paint it in the most ugly shades of hate possible, Haaretz published the cartoon seen below regarding the recent tumult about the permissibility of using Shabbos elevators.

(See’s report here.)


 The cartoon is as follows:









The chareidi caricaturist Moti Heller is well-known to readers of Israeli papers where his creativity has been regularly featured. After seeing today’s hateful cartoon in Haaretz mocking the gadol hador, Moti is furious and has said he’ll fight back using his abilities.

He prepared a caricature of his own, based on the Haaretz cartoon. A cartoonist is seen getting of an elevator, ready to pounce on the chareidim.

“It’s offensive, insulting and degrading,” said Moti. “Even humor has its limits.” he said. “We all know the power of caricature. A few years ago, a cartoon of [Islam’s founder] led to demonstrations and murders.”

Does Moti follow the cartoons of the secularists?

“Certainly. I try to regularly.”

So what’s new this time?

“It’s not the first time,” said Moti, “but the published cartoon was anti-Semitic. I have no words…”

Moti’s cartoon is as follows:











{Yair Israel}


  1. V’sheim Rishoim yirkuv. Let those bent on going to gehennom earn thier just reward. I just wish i new where he lived, that way maybe we could give him a little bit of gehennom in this world. For shame.

  2. It is horrible and a bizayon Hatorah of the highest order. But I think it is totally out of proportion to compare the chareidim and their potential reaction to the way the islamic beheimos acted a few years back. The obvious insinuation that will be drawn is that the chareidim are threatening violence again. That is one stereotype we do NOT want to perpetuate.

  3. from a secualr poinbt of view I see nothing wrong with the cartoon.

    the lack of kovod for a world class Talmid CHochom is terrible – but the frei can’t be blamed for that. with the reactionary, abraisive image that some handlers use it is no wonder the secular feel the way they do.

    The fault of this chilul hashem is with those who should know better and not with the frei who are just reacting to what they are shown.

  4. Would somebody please explain exactly where the “mocking” is? What the cartoon here shows is that many frum Jews depended on psokim from gedolim to permit elevators, and that recently some gedolim, including (ostensibly) HaRav HaGaon Eliashiv, Shlita, issued a contrary psak.

    Isn’t that exactly what happened? If this cartoon had appeared in a non-secular forum, would you be able to point to anything disrespectful?

    Is Rav Eliashiv depicted in a disrespectful manner?

    Or is the issue that Rav Eliashiv is shown in a cartoon at all that is bothersome? Somewhat like (lehavdil elef alfei havdalot v’rivei revavos pe’amim) the riots over the the famous cartoons depicting the prophet of the camels?

    If Yoni had drawn the cartoon a) it would have been better done and b) a perfectly acceptable way of depicting the new psak to the hamon.

    Please enlighten me as to what I am missing.

    By the way, I in no manner minimize the terrible kulturkampf being waged in Eretz Yisroel against the Chareidim and Das in general. I struggle with it regularly, and have changed the nusach of Tefillah LiShlom Medinat Yisroel in my shul to include the extirpation of those members of the Judiciary, Military, and Police who fight against Yahadut until and if they do teshuva. When I lived in Eretz Yisroel, I was part of efforts to do kiruv among secular college professors, besides kiruv work at Aish Hatorah and Ohr Somayach.

    But hypersensitivity is a sign of weakness or manipulation, as witness the use of “racism” in this country to suppress and honest political discussion. We should be more mature and self-confident than that.

    Unless I am overlooking something basic…if so, teach me.

  5. This is called satire -> look it up, it applies to all public figures and is to be taken tongue in cheek

    Next week will be Tzipi Livni turn, the week after will be the head of Bank Le’umi and the week after that the president

    I agree with comment #4:

    “hypersensitivity is a sign of weakness or manipulation, as witness the use of “racism” in this country to suppress and honest political discussion. We should be more mature and self-confident than that.”

  6. Its very sad but they know the truth deap down, they know who is right, the reason why they do this is because they feel guilty,you should try and be mekarev them and then maybe one day they will become frum, hashem is leading the world he will do what is best.

  7. That’s what happens when irresponsible people put psakim in the media and use it as an alternative to a Torah journal. Once Torah becomes public grist expect junk like this to follow.

  8. Have Matzavs readership read Amos Oz´ book “How to Cure a Fanatic”? No? Well, the essence of the book is that fanatics have no sence of humor and don´t laugh…


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