Shameful: Australians Approve Same-Gender “Marriage” in Nonbinding Vote

Australians have voted in favor of same-gender “marriage” in a nonbinding national vote, capping off a two-month campaign that critics had tried but failed to block through the country’s top court. Officials said today that 62 percent of voters said “yes” to legalizing same-gender “marriage,” and 38 percent coming out against the measure.


The vote, conducted by mail, had an approximately 80 percent response rate. Organized as a survey of national opinion rather than a binding referendum, the measure now paves the way for a vote in parliament. “Millions of Australians have voted yes for fairness, they voted yes for commitment, they voted yes for love,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Wednesday. “Now it is up to us here in the Parliament of Australia to get on with it and get on with the job the Australian people have tasked us to do and get this done this year,” Turnbull said. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.



  1. next the sodomits will leagalize adultry, sister brother mother, marry my cat, dog etc etc …why not. nobody should dictate what is right or wrong. just because someone invented these noachide laws chayvei krisus i have to suffer?
    This will be the end result…..dor hamabil didnt start in one generation….started hundreds of years…riboni shel oilom gave 120 years to repent

  2. Well, the Australian people took part in a referendum, with the majority of 60% favoring such same sex “mirage”. The Prime Minister stated that a law change is due, to reflect the will of the people. Apparently, either the Australian legislators don’t care either way, or actually favor the law change, OR they will go along with it to remain in office.
    On the one hand, a representative government must follow the wishes of its constituents, or resign (which would be the decent and correct thing to do, in this case). On the other hand, how far does the voice of the people carry, since that very same government must be the voice of sanity, order, and morality, and not merely an echo of the majority’s hoof beats.

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