‘Shame on You’: Top Israeli Politicians Slam European Union for Golan Policy


Several top Israeli politicians criticized the European Union on Wednesday after it reiterated its position that it did not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The EU announcement came following President Donald Trump’s official granting of such recognition by the US on Monday.

“Shame on you,” Education Minister and head of the New Right party Naftali Bennett said in a video message directed at the EU.

“The Golan Heights and Jerusalem and the Land of Israel [have] been the home of the Jewish people thousands of years before France was the home of the French and the United Kingdom the home of the British,” Bennett said. “So we will continue building our amazing country. We will continue defending the free world from radical Islam, even though you do not deserve it.”

Ex-Finance Minister Yair Lapid — the co-leader of the Blue and White joint list — tweeted, “The EU must stand together courageously with the US and recognize that the Golan will forever be part of Israel. What is their alternative? To give the murderer Assad control of strategic Israeli territory? This won’t happen.”

Kulanu chief and current Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said, “We now allow those who keep the Iranian terror regime’s economy afloat to preach morality to us.”

Israel captured the Golan from Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967, and annexed it in 1981 — a step not recognized internationally.

In ultimately fruitless peace talks held by Israel and Syria in the 1990s and 2000s, the return of the Golan was the Assad regime’s main demand.


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  1. Those party “leaders” live in complete denial of what the majority sentiments are among democratic people in Europe. As far as I know not even Netanyahus antisemitic friends in eastern Europe have backed Trump´s step.


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