SHAME ON CORY: Booker Says “God Bless the Protesters”


Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) tells Meet the Press that he’s prepared to respectfully fight against the Trump agenda.




  1. Cory is a backstabbing politician. He promised the world to the Jewish community in order to get their vote, then went ahead and signed the Iran deal to please his G-d, Barack Obama, against the protest of all the Jewish organizations! He has shown his contempt for the Jewish voters of New Jersey time and again. Cory is sour grapes that Hillary didn’t choose him to be her VP pick. He is a puppet of Obama.

  2. Hey Cory, why is it not legitimate to question where Obama was born if he’s the first not to present a certificate?

    And why is it not legitimate to say that a president who spent 20 years listening to Rev Write, and who has no problem with post birth abortion (yes!) etc. etc. should not go on to a second term? –

    Let this be a lesson to all those who are mesmerized by a goy saying a “D’var Torah’…


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