SHAM? Daniel Sperber Arranges Spurious Get After 23 Years With “Mekach Ta’us”


For 23 years, Rabbinate rabbonim could not procure a get for Tzviya Gorodetzky, 54, from a husband willing to spend years in jail rather than set her free.

Then along came Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber of Bar Ilan University at the head of a private beis din convened by the Center of Women’s Justice organization and annulled the marriage with the argument of mekach ta’us (a mistaken sale).

Her husband hadn’t told her that he had a mental illness which resulted in the abnormally violent abuse that caused her to leave him, Rabbi Sperber argued. Therefore, the marriage was based on a mistake and never took place.

Furthermore, he said, according to Gorodetsky the wedding ring used to marry her was purchased by her and not her husband.

Two other dayonim who sat on the beis din kept anonymous to avoid their past rulings being called into question due to participation in the innovative get. Prominent talmidei chachomim Rabbi Sperber claimed he consulted with also requested anonymity in order to prevent backlash.

Although the rabbinate has exclusive authority over gittin in Israel, Gorodetzky can use her get to have a private, unauthorized marriage.

{ Israel}


  1. You are doing a sloppy job covering an important issue. The caption says he arranged a get while article says he invaldated her marraige so that she does not need a get. Get your story straight

  2. we dont marry divorcee only after ok by our holy rabbonim so we dont have to worry. those who rely on ‘such’ rabbonim do it just to satisfy conscience so any get is good..children mamz…who cares.We wont mix with them anyway

  3. Also, important is how many years they were together. Many Rabbonim will be able to say Mekach Taus if the “marriage” lasted only a few weeks. But if they stayed married a few years then its a different story.

  4. A real concern today would be to marry baalei teshuva from Leftist Liberal parents who are very unconstrained in their maintenance of marriage purity. Their children may be mamzerim if there were others involved but I guess we still hold rov beilos achar habaal.

  5. The good news is, she is 54, and therefore, if she “remarries”, it is only her and her new mate that are being oiver d’oraysos of Kares,
    but no mamzerim will result.


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