Shalit Swap: The Step-By-Step Guide To Gilad’s Return Home


gilad-shalitThe following is a timetable of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit’s transfer that has been finalized. The process begins on Tuesday morning and is expected to be completed by the afternoon.

Phase 1: Shalit is released and met either by a representative of the International Red Cross or an Egyptian official on Tuesday morning.

Phase 2: Israel frees 27 Arab female prisoners on confirmation of Shalit’s release.

Phase 3: Hamas transfers Shalit to Egypt via the Rafah crossing. Shalit will spend a very short period of time in Egypt, possibly under 15 minutes, before overland transfer to Israel.

Phase 4: Israel releases the first wave of Palestinian prisoners to Gaza and the West Bank upon confirmation of the transfer.

Phase 5: Shalit is transferred to an Israel Defense Forces near Israel’s borders with Egypt and Gaza. He will be given his old cell phone in order to telephone his mother.

Phase 6: Shalit is expected to undergo initial medical check-ups conducted by IDF Chief Medical Officer Brigadier – General Itzik Kreis.

Phase 7: Shalit is transferred to Israel Air Force base at Tel Nof.

Phase 8: Shalit undergoes further medical examination on arrival at Tel Nof.

Phase 9: Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz meet Shalit at Tel Nof.

Phase 10: Shalit is accompanied by Netanyahu, Barak and Gantz to be reunited with his family.

Phase 11: If Shalit is well and healthy, the IDF flies Shalit and his family to their home in north Israel by helicopter.

The entire transfer is expected to be completed by Tuesday afternoon.

{Yair Israel, with reporting by Haaretz}


  1. after shalit is released, isreal should not give back even 1 arab murderer
    let those ARABS have a taste of their own lies

  2. #3…sorry…but couldn’t help correcting your Doe’s….as in does…
    And if there is Daas Torah,pray tell, who is going to listen, Natanyahu????

  3. May the kiddush hashem the world so clearly sees by us giving SO MUCH value to one jewish life be a protection and zechus for us against these animals.

  4. to a kleine yidl: see an earlier article.
    But what should we do now? Petition that he NOT be released? (?!?) At this point all we can daven for is the best possible outcome and that Gilad be whole and healthy.


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