Shaked: Trump Peace Plan A ‘Waste Of Time’


A senior Israeli minister said Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s long-awaited plan for peace with the Palestinians was “a waste of time”.

“I think that the gap between the Israelis and Palestinians is much too big to be bridged,” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said at a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

“I think personally it’s a waste of time,” she said when asked what she thought about the peace initiative Trump is expected to unveil in the weeks or months ahead.

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  1. President Trump, please take care of your local problems with the immigrants at the borders, as well as the violent Democrats in the US instead of forcing Israel into dangerous “peace plans” that will anyhow not work out, as has been proven with PM Sharon’s reckless Gaza expulsion of almost 10,000 Jews and then handing Gaza over to the Arabs on a silver platter in 2005.

  2. Glad. We have no plan for peace to ruin our family.

    Israel beat is wrong. The final battlefield is fully mind and friend. Hashem is ours.

    What we have is his world. We do our job and he does his.


  3. What he fails to realize is that even if his ideas on paper were reasonable and strategically sound, there are so many factions within this killer race that normal diplomacy can never be achieved. If one group agrees the other 99 do not! So exactly with whom does the Donald think he’s working with? Furthermore they have zero regard or respect for life. You can’t reason with an animal.


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