Shaked Opens Probe On State Documents Concealing Yemenite Kidnapping


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked announced that she intends to convene the Ministerial Committee on the Archives in order to probe whether the state concealed documents relating to the alleged disappearance of Yemenite children in Israel’s early years.

Between 1948 and 1952, it is alleged that hundreds of Yemenite children were taken from their new immigrant families while hospitalized for illness or immediately after their birth and given to Ashkenazi families to be raised.

The secret kidnappings were either done out of a discriminatory belief that Yemenite parents were not fit to raise children or that they did not care since they had large families, or for anti-religious reasons – out of a desire by the State to make the children secular.

The probe will focus on whether the Mossad is concealing documents, as well as clarifying the documentation in the IDF archives about censorship in the 1950s regarding the affair of Yemenite children.

“The Yemenite children’s affair is a bleeding wound in Israeli society, and we have the duty to do everything in order to patch it up,” said Shaked.

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  1. The revolution has begun. All the yeminite jews should rise up and demand the corrupt Mossad disband. Just as our great President Trump is exposing the corrupt FBI and CIA.
    The Mossad hates Orthodox Jews. In fact they spent over two years hunting for a ten year old boy Yossela shumacher that he should not be frum.
    Their goal is to destroy Judaism. The Nazi mangele got away because making one jewish child not frum is more important. The more I read about these secular atheistic tziyonim the more I see they are dangerous. No chareidi should join this corrupt anti Torah army.

  2. “The Mossad hates Orthodox Jews.” That’s why the head of the Mossad is an Orthodox Jew. What deceit and trickery – and brilliance! Appoint the one you hate to be your boss.

    Thanks for explaining things anonymous. Never would have gotten this without your keen insights.

  3. Yes they put a guy there as a head NOW. But the vast majority are anti orthodox. Why don’t you read up about their corruption just as our FBI Fake Bureau of investigation is. Just because a guy wears a yarmulka does not make him real orthodox. Today in Israel it’s a joke. You have the prosecutor mandelbaum with a yarmulka being anti orthodox. Read. Today you have Orthodox toeiva nicks. With yarmulkas and tzizas. You have open Orthodox with yarmulkas. That’s just a show. All these people support the toeiva parade in Jerusalem. So much for their orthodoxy.


    They weren’t only given to Ashkenazi families but even to goyim around the world.

    According to halachah the death penalty is imposed for kidnapping. I can just imagine the gehinom the Zionists involved in the kidnapping are suffering now.


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