Shabbos Drivers For Netanyahu Family


An ad placed by the Civil Service and Prime Minister’s Office for Shabbos drivers on the public dime triggered an outcry of protest. The ad said that students were needed for “Driving government cars for the purpose of assignments, routine checks of the cars and accessories installed to ensure the integrity and security of the vehicle, and performing other tasks in accordance with the provisions of the official in charge.”

But sources at the Prime Minister’s Office informed The Marker magazine that the students’ main duty would be to chauffer the prime minister’s sons, Yair, 25, and Avner, 22, on weekends and yomim tovim to places of entertainment in the small hours of the night.

In addition to complaints about chillul Shabbos, the Ometz movement for quality government complained, “the personal weekend travels of the prime minister’s sons, when their father is not accompanying them, is in no way a state matter,” and that their drivers should not be hired through state agencies.

The family denied the charges, stating, “The information is incorrect, among other reasons because Avner Netanyahu is shomer Shabbos and does not travel on Shabbos.”

At the same time, the Prime Minister’s Office said that it “employs student drivers to serve shifts on weekends by authority of the Civil Service Commission.”

{ Israel News}


  1. The title on this article is unfair and misleading. It may also be MOTZI SHEM RA if indeed as stated Avner is Shomer Shabbos. In which cas you are assidin liten es hadin.

  2. Maybe they thought that they can get a hetter to drive on Shabbos like the hetter given to the Kushners during the Inauguration.


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