Several Hundred Protest Yerushalayim Parking Lot Open On Shabbos


protest1Masses of Yidden demonstrated today in an ongoing protest against the opening of the Karta parking lot on Shabbos to accommodate weekend visitors to the Old City. The level of violence at the afternoon protest was lower than it was the previous weekend, police said. The Eidah Hachareidis have planned an additional major midweek demonstration in Yerushalayim.

In the latest protests, several hundred people yelled “Shabbos, Shabbos,” “Nazis” and “anti-Semites,” at the parking lot opposite Shaar Yaffo.

Some who tried to enter the lotwere forcibly prevented from entering the area by police, Yerushalayim police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

MIDEAST ISRAEL SHABBAT PROTESTSeveral protesters intermittently hurled rocks at police, as well as at passing vehicles elsewhere in the city, Ben-Ruby claimed. There were no injuries reported in the altercation, he said, and one demonstrator was arrested on the scene.

After Shabbos ended, several garbage bins in Meah Shearim were set on fire.

The protests began a month ago, after the city opened the municipal parking lot on Shabbos, free of charge, to accommodate weekend visitors.

Seeking to reach a compromise, Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat subsequently arranged to open the Karta parking lot opposite the walls of the Old City.

Barkat spokesman Evyatar Elad said today that the decision to open the parking lot on Shabbaos would stand.

“The mayor is committed to the safety of the public,” Elad said, noting that some 370 motorists used the car park today.

The original decision to open the parking garage on Shabbos was made at the urging of police, who said that a lack of parking around the Old City was leading to double-parked cars on major city thoroughfares, posing a safety hazard.

{Yair Israel/JPost}


  1. Throwing rocks on Shabbos? Rocks are muktzeh – you can’t move them (unless they were designated for use before Shabbos).

    Does this mean that the demonstrators chose the rocks they would throw before Shabbos? Or were they being oiver an issur de’rabbanan? Defending Shabbos by desecrating Shabbos?

    Causing blood to flow is also prohibited on Shabbos. What if one of those rocks hit a policeman and the wound bled?

    Also, isn’t even lifting your hand against a fellow Jew the equivalent of murder? (Unless, of course, the policemen were all Druze.)

    I don’t get it. These guys are oiver all these issurim, in order to defend Shabbos? Maybe they should spend more time reviewing hilchos Shabbos and less time hanging out at demonstrations.

  2. Shame on all of them. Shabbos is important, but not as important as preventing chillul Hashem, avoiding hurting a fellow Jew, being over the laws of Shabbos. These guys are being very poorly led. They should be studying Torah, and let God figure out a way to prevent problems.

  3. Why are they allowed to call the cops nazis?And these hafganot protest cause more chillul shabbos then when there are no protest!So why do the rabbonim allow this?!

  4. Orthodox Jew, then maybe there should be a news blackout about the demonstrations. I personally read as little as possible about them.

  5. all of you that are criticizing the hafganos, remember this. the only reason there is no chillul shabbos in public in all of the frum neighborhoods for the last couple of decades is only because of these protests. worried of chillul hashem? who decides that? The secular or the chareidi? hilchos shabbos? you are the ones that should review the halachos! many before you sat to “compromise” with the government and guess what? they ended up becoming one of them! Review a little history of the old yishuv and save your self-righteous attacks on the only vesitige of emes left in the world.


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