Sessions On School Shootings: ‘We’ve Got To Confront The Problem’


Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday vowed to “confront the problem” of school shootings by looking at warning signs and enforcing existing laws, a day after at least 17 people were killed at a Florida high school

“It cannot be denied that something dangerous and unhealthy is happening in our country and we are once again watching the images of children, terrified, streaming out of their school, hands over their heads. It’s an image we don’t need to see,” Sessions said.

He said the Department of Justice will take steps to ensure existing gun laws are enforced in order to reduce violence.


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  1. If this little pipsqueak wimp really wants to protect American lives, HE SHOULD RESIGN!!! He is so scared of Adam Schiff calling him a mean person, he won’t do anything. Poor floppy ears doesn’t have access to the government safe-spaces.

  2. Yes, please do confront the problem. These mass shootings are always either Islamic or committed by people on psychotropic medication (or just coming off such medication).

    America has always had tons of guns around, but school shootings were unheard of. In the Fifties, students in the South had rifles in the trunks of their cars parked in the school parking lot and nothing ever happened.

    Antidepressants (and other medications) do cause suicidal/homicidal idealization in a minority of users. It even says so on the warning insert.
    These meds also cause emotional blunting in a majority of users.
    If you combine that with a troubled childhood (being adopted out — apparently his parents must’ve been troubled to adopt him out at an older age with his brother — and experiencing the death of his adoptive father when he was young), well…

    This is from the Miami Herald:
    “Friends said he [Nikolas the shooter] spoke little of his relatives. He and his brother were adopted when they were young by Lynda and Roger Cruz, of Long Island, New York, according to relatives. They raised the boys in Parkland.

    Roger Cruz died over a decade ago and Lynda struggled with the boys, said Barbara Kumbatovich, a former sister-in-law. ‘She did the best she could. They were adopted and had some emotional issues,’ she said.

    Kumbatovich said she believed Nikolas Cruz was on medication to deal with his emotional fragility. ‘She was struggling with Nikolas the last couple years,’ she said.”

    He’d also been treated at a mental health facility for a while. Did getting professional treatment help? Society needs to stop being superficial about mental health issues.

    May we see no more of these shootings and may the wounded have a refuah shlaima.

  3. when the school expels a troubled kid who has no parents and offers him no help, what do you expect from him? the system (or lack thereof) of care for the mentally challenged in our country needs to be overhauled


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