Sessions Calls For ‘Fresh Start’ For FBI


Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the FBI needs a “fresh start” to win back the confidence and trust of the American people after two years of controversy surrounding the FBI’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

“Well, I have believed it was important to have a fresh start at the FBI, and actually, it was in my letter to the president when I recommended Comey’s removal,” Sessions said. “I used the words, ‘fresh start,’ and the FBI director is Chris Wray, a very talented, smart, capable leader.”

“I think it will give them an opportunity to go straight to the American people and say, ‘We are gonna win your confidence,’” he added.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Chris Wray has shown, he is not the one for the job. He has defended the corrupt McCabe and Comey. He has criticized Trump for criticizing the corruption in the FBI. He has still not investigated and reported to the American people what really happened at the alleged Las Vegas so-called massacre. He has covered up the autopsy of the alleged shooter. He has covered up all information on the hotel security guard who confronted the alleged shooter and then suddenly dissapeared into thin air never to be seen and heard from again. The list goes on and on. Pretty Boy Wray loves the status quo. Same old same old. Collect a fat paycheck and start collecting for the big pension at the end.

    • 100% right. Chris Wray is one of the click and should be dismissed together with Sessions.
      An FBI ‘fresh start’ can only be once the FBI criminals, including Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Mueller will be seen behind bars and an honest upstanding person will direct it. That’s when the FBI might once again gain some trust from the American people.

  2. Session is only recommending Wray for the same reason he’d want Comey back and sticks up for Mueller. He needs to save his skin.

  3. Fear this hate. The L-rd may be close.

    This FBI has many competent professionals. One wonders how they can work with a commander in chief who treats Russian gold better than American optimism.

    Cheap lessons. FBI guns or not. We do not feel as safe.

    Foundations fear hate. What is ours?

    Freedom must have more private change. Trump is instability. Hillary unknown either.

    Gut feeling- determination has the final push. Trump may not be.

    Bad care for our best and all.

    • Yeh, it’s too bad your guy, Hillary, lost. She is just one lovable creature who has no concept of what hate is. She personifies love. All who come within her daled amos are just mesmerized by the love for mankind that exudes from her. Yes, it’s really a shame those awful Russians stole the election and deprived us of a Hillary Clinton.
      Jump now and the cabinet wont lean on the chair. A book is not the tailpipe, and a pencil eraser cant get the vent to produce juice.

      • Fast vote. Hillary class dumb. Still a good sheriff.

        Grade yourself. The pencil fixes the bedpost you keep hitting. The dreams you are having are not your best grade. The focus of your sanity is not the cure you keep denying yourself.

        Get vastly versed. Your tailpipe will stop reading your curse and your cabinet will not fall on your head.

        Else just get back to lesson one. Never bite a whale in the dark. They are determined to blow.

        But as a shark myself, you might be o.k.


  4. Bin Ich Meshiga? or are these guys just babbling? I can’t understand what they’re trying to say.
    Their comments are unintelligible and incomprehensible.
    This is like the word GHOTI – GH as in couGH; O as in wOmen; TI as in naTIon = FISH.
    Go back and read it again. It will eventually sink in.


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