Server Gets $10,000 Tip From Customer Who Ordered Water


A server at a restaurant in North Carolina was given a $10,000 cash tip by a patron who ordered two waters.

Alaina Custer, an employee of Sup Dogs in Greenville and student of nearby East Carolina University, was shocked when she discovered the stack of bills left on the table Saturday.

The large tip was left with a note that said “thanks for the delicious water,” according to Sup Dogs owner Brett Oliverio, the Observer reports.

Custer turned out to be the recipient of YouTube personality Mr. Beast, who secretly filmed Custer’s reaction to post on his channel, which has over 8 million subscribers.


Read more at NY POST.



    • The NY Post added: “This isn’t the first time Mr. Beast has given away a large chunk of money and recorded it for YouTube. In another video on his page, he gives away $10,000 to a “random homeless man” and shares the encounter online.”


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