Sephardic National Alliance and Sephardic Voters League Endorse Chaim Deutsch for City Council


chaim-deutschChaim Deutsch, City Council candidate for the 48th City Council District, has received the endorsements of the Sephardic National Alliance and Sephardic Voters League. The critical endorsements establish Deutsch as the clear choice for the Sephardic community to vote for Chaim in tomorrows’ election.

“By leaps and bounds, Chaim Deutsch is the best and most qualified candidate in the race for the 48th City Council seat,” said Jack Avital of the Sephardic National Alliance. “His contributions to the neighborhoods of southern Brooklyn have been truly immense and I have no doubt he will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our community a member of the New York City Council.”

“Chaim Deutsch is a real fine person and exactly the type of public servant we need more of in today’s political climate,” said Maurice Hedaya of the Sephardic Voters League. “Chaim has our unequivocal endorsement and we stand strongly behind him in support of his candidacy as he enters the homestretch of his campaign.”

“I am honored to have the endorsements of the Sephardic National Alliance and the Sephardic Voters League. I have had the privilege of working closely with many Rabbis and leaders in the Sephardic community for many years. I look forward to being a strong voice for the Sephardic community as well as all residents of the 48th Council District.”

These endorsements join the recent endorsements of Mr. Deutsch by many leading Flatbush Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva including:

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Rabbi Yaakov Ben-Haim of Sharei Zion, Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Leiff of Agudah of Ave. L, Rabbi Meir Platnik of Keser Yisroel Mordechai, Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag of the Young Israel of Ave. K, Rabbi Dov Oshry of Khal Bais Avrohom, and many more.

Chaim Deutsch who founded Shomrim Safety patrol in Flatbush over 20 years ago, has been working with the communities’ rabbonim and askonim on many issues to benefit the klal, and has facilitated relief for many families and individuals. Chaim is running on the Democratic line, and if he wins he will be able to sponsor legislation and get much needed funds for our community organizations since the Democrats control the City Council.

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