Senior Terrorist in Gaza Disguises Himself as Journalist


gaza-terroristWhen terrorists disguise themselves as civilians, it can only end badly for civilians. Today, a senior Hamas operative was targeted while driving a press vehicle, effectively disguising himself as a reporter. By doing so, he risked the lives of all journalists in the Gaza Strip.

Over the past several days, the IDF has carefully pinpointed and targeted sites used by terror groups in the Gaza Strip, most notably the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Terrorists complicate the task by systematically using civilian facilities and locations as a cover for their operations.

The “human shield” method, as it is commonly known, has forced the IDF to target seemingly non-military targets, resulting in some of the civilian casualties. It has also endangered all residents of the Gaza Strip who, without their consent, were unwittingly dragged into the conflict.

One such example came in today, when a senior Hamas operative was targeted while driving a press vehicle. Muhammed Shamalah, commander of Hamas forces in the southern Strip and head of the Hamas militant training programs, was targeted by an Israeli air strike while driving a car clearly labelled “TV”, indicating it to be a press vehicle, abusing the protection afforded to journalists.

The incident occurred on the same day that four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over a floor of the foreign press building in Gaza and used it as a meeting place, risking the lives of all journalists inside. The IDF targeted the operatives and a direct hit was confirmed. Journalists have been warned to stay aware from terrorists or terror sites in the Strip, for their own safety.

{IDF Spokesperson, Israel News Bureau}


  1. Tough on the reporters. If they chose to get into the center of a war zone then they are not even taking a risk – they are signing their own death certificates a-la Kavorkian. They ought know ahead of time where they’ve entered to report! If they’re that stupid, sorry! But them are the breaks!

  2. Use whatever means neccesary to eliminate those dogs! If it means taking out the wicked media along with the terrorists, all the better! They are all one & the same!

  3. If the “Journalists”misreport the news after Hamas does these things,they are either terrorists themselves or insane. Either way they dont deserve any special treatment and should be treated as combatants

  4. The residents of Gaza were not dragged into this conflict unwittingly and without their consent. Hamas did not stage a coup. They were elected democratically and they won by a landslide.

    Hamas has never made a secret of its ideology. The Gazans who voted them in are no more innocent than were the Germans who voted in Hitler ym”sh.


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