Senior Iranian Military Official Salami: America’s Regional Bases Are Within Our Strike Capacity


iran-gen-hossein-salamiLieutenant Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami, said that American military bases in the Middle East are within striking range of Iranian forces, in an interview aired Saturday on Iranian television.

While the United States may plan an airstrike or missile attack against the regime in Tehran, “We have identified weaknesses that will shock the American public. Every one of our enemy’s regional military bases is within our strike capacity,” he said, according to Israeli daily Ma’ariv.

Salami was responding to U.S. assertions that a military option to halt Iran’s nuclear program remains on the table. Salami said further: “We also have a formidable military capability, one that can attack and destroy. We can threaten all the regional interests of the major world powers. However, during this period of negotiations, we have chosen to not speak out about our military prowess.”

During his television appearance, Salami mocked the very idea of a U.S. strike against Tehran, asking derisively, “Are they really up to an all out war against Iran? Will they be able to ensure that their energy supply remains secure? Could they possibly defend their Navy ships as well as the Zionist regime?”

Salami went on to catalog what he said were the three prongs of Iran’s war machine: its air force, ballistic missiles and Lebanon based terror group Hezbollah.

“If anyone attacks us, the war we unleash will have no borders. We will strike at the enemy until it is destroyed,” Salami threatened.

The Lieutenant Commander of the Revolutionary Guards also called for Islamic unity: “If the Islamic Nation unites, it will be able to reduce the amount of air available to the West and United States, enough that the Zionist regime will be left without any air to breathe.”


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  1. Can anyone say that this regime has any self control or human decency? Weren’t the sanctions just lifted by their very “enemy” the USA? I think we could use more discretion from our President. We can not limit the future of a lost regime by allowing them the economic freedom to arm themselves and wage further war. Despite that this is probably an empty rhetoric, we can not tolerate this sort of hatred and blasting of human decision.

  2. If this is true, then the other is also true in reverse, we can also strike them. I think they better think about what they said because they just told us where there big guns are.


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