Senior IDF Official Warns That Hamas Is Ready For Next War


A senior Israel Defense Forces Gaza Division official said that the Palestinian terror group Hamas has completely rearmed itself and is prepared for the next war with Israel.

The terror group “has rebuilt the tunnels, its rocket systems, intelligence collection, reconnaissance, and it is essentially prepared for war,” said the senior IDF official, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The source, however, conceded that Hamas currently does not yet desire a conflict with Israel and is instead focused on defeating rival Salafi terror groups in Gaza, who seek to overthrow Hamas’s rule there.

Hamas is also believed to have completely rebuilt its network of terror tunnels running underneath the border between southern Israel and Gaza.


{ Israel}


  1. What does that prove?
    Israel is weak in sitting by and letting it happen.
    So what now?
    Capture tunnels, rebuild tunnels
    Capture tunnels, rebuild tunnels
    Joke ……


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