Senator Rubio Gets Fights With InfoWars Alex Jones On Capitol Hill


Sen. Marco Rubio got into a back-and-forth Wednesday with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in a Capitol Hill hallway.

Jones repeatedly interrupted Rubio while he was attempting to answer questions from reporters during a recess in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on foreign use of social media to influence US politics.

After talking over Rubio a few times, Jones tapped the senator on the shoulder, prompting Rubio to warn Jones not to touch him again.

“You want me to get arrested,” Jones retorted.

Rubio then said, “You’re not going to get arrested. I’ll take care of you myself.”

That led Jones to repeatedly argue to the assembled reporters that Rubio “threatened to physically take care of me.”

A spokesperson for Rubio’s office said the video speaks for itself.


Read more at CNN.



  1. “far-right conspiracy theorist” = mainstream fake news’ label to persuade naive people not to listen/read/subscribe to Infowars and other real news.


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