Senator Parker presents $50,000 to Nachas Heath & Family Network


nachas-parkerBorough Park, Brooklyn – Hundreds of people gathered at Bais Yaakov High School where Senator Parker was excited to present a $50,000 check of Capital Funds to Nachas Heath & Family Network.

“It was wonderful to spend time with Boro Park’s children and families” said Senator Parker as he toured the health fair. “Nachas provides much needed services to the Ultra Orthodox Community”

Nachas Health & Family Network assists with the medical and social service needs of the under-served Immigrant and Jewish communities in Brooklyn. They coordinate free medical screenings, health fairs, as well as health education and awareness programs for all ages. As well as being one of the leading facilitators for all government funded health insurance programs.

“I am glad that I can present this money to Nachas” continued Senator Parker “because my job as your representative is to ensure State Funds make their way into our communities.”

{Noam Newscenter}



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