Senator Lindsey Graham Says He Has Israel’s Back


senator-lindsey-grahamLast Monday, there was a gathering of senior Jewish activists to discuss and support Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who recently proposed a Senate resolution to authorize the use of force against Iran should sanctions fail.

The use of force resolution envisioned by both Senator Graham is the driving force behind holding Iran responsible for their continued denials of their Nuclear capabilities.

Senator Graham so pointedly commented when he asked the attendees at the meeting,” why were there 3000 innocent people killed in New York,Washington,DC and Pennsylvania on Sept, 11th?” He answered very bluntly,”because they couldn’t kill 3 million!”

This resolution is very challenging for a Senator that has a very small Jewish contingency being from South Carolina and representing a war weary nation that is tired of hearing about our interests in the Middle East.

When the Senator was asked by noted Jewish activist Simcha Lyons why he was such a strong supporter of Israel being that he represents a very small Jewish State in South Carolina? He just looked at us and jokingly quipped, “if its good enough for God its good enough for me”.

One of the attendees, Rabbi Steven Weil, Executive Director of the Orthodox Union of America commented,”We are confronting the issue that will define the 21st Century if not the Third Millennia. This issue of Nuclear Iran will affect all of humanity. Israel may be first but they are not last. Allowing Iran to maintain the capability of enriching Uranium and Plutonium will not only put the world at stake but will insure the Sunni Crescent procures Nuclear weapons of their own to combat the Shia world. The Saudis have already lost confidence in America and are working with the Pakistanis. This is not the Détente between the US and USSR. We are on the verge of terrorist networks being armed with Nuclear Dirty Bombs that can be employed on any continent at anytime”.

The event was Co-Chaired by Jason Lyons of Boca Raton, Florida who serves as one of the senior Jewish Liaisons to the Republican Party.

“I’ve asked Jason to help coordinate support in the Jewish community for this resolution as this issue effects all of us. Heaven forbid, we must act if necessary” said Senator Lindsey Graham.

“The Senator is very passionate about this pending resolution and was very candid about the situation facing Israel and the rest of the free world should this not get resolved. I give him a lot of credit for leading the charge on this game changing issue. God should bless him and his family” said Jason Lyons

Also in attendance was Joseph B. Stamm, CEO of Med Review who came away impressed with Senator Graham’s passionate articulation of the US strategic alliance with Israel and its underlying premise, remarking that “our community needs to do its part to ensure that the US Senate retains Senator Graham and by doing so will allow the Senator to continue to enhance the Senate and by extension the United States, that benefits greatly by a Member of the Senate of Lindsey Graham’s caliber.”

“I applaud Senator Graham and the aforementioned Jewish leaders for their diligent commitment to ensure a strong US-Israel relationship,” said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group, who also attended the meeting. “Over the next several weeks this resolution may take center stage in the Congress. We are encouraging everyone to reach out to your Rabbi’s, community leaders, and to members of Congress to show your support for this very important Resolution.”

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