Senator Felder to DOT: Make Up Your Mind


Senator Simcha Felder (D- Boro Park, Midwood) called on DOT to correct deceptive parking signs throughout the city.

“Parking signs should not contradict each other. Common sense dictates that people should be able to rely on the accuracy of all DOT parking signs and posted parking rules should be clear and simple. It is upsetting that hardworking New Yorkers are unwitting victims of this ticket trap,” said Senator Felder.

The issue was brought to Senator Felder’s attention when an area resident parked beside a Street Cleaning sign located on 63rd Street between 15th and 16th Avenues. The sign says, No Parking Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, an arrow below points in both directions. To any reasonable person that sign indicates that at every other time parking is permissible within both directions of the sign. He was shocked when he returned to his car to find a 60-dollar ticket.

90 feet away and out of view, stands a contradicting sign that reads, No Parking Monday through Friday 8 AM – 6 PM with an arrow pointing in the direction of the first sign. Because by city code, the No Parking sign (Mon – Thurs 8am -6pm) overrules and invalidates the first Street Cleaning sign, his not-guilty plea was denied and on appeal, he lost again.

“It is outrageous, but unfortunately not surprising, that despite DOT posting a misleading Street Cleaning sign with inaccurate arrows pointing drivers in the direction of illegal parking, drivers still have no defensible position or recourse,” remarked the Senator.

“Parking is difficult enough and people don’t deserve to be ticketed for obeying rules posted by the city. It is unfair to expect people to canvass the area in all types of weather and under all sorts of conditions searching for a sign that may contradict the sign right in front of their eyes. I have asked DOT to correct these signs immediately,” concluded Senator Felder.



  1. It’s all about GOTCHA!!! How can we stick it to the hard working taxpayers of this City. It has always been about the corrupt City Hall raising revenue on the backs of the useful idiots, US THE TAXPAYERS! The DOT are like mosquitos sucking the blood out of us with no benefit in return. And then people wonder why you have situations of confrontations with these lowlife dogs such as the video posted earlier today.

  2. Anyone sticking up for today’s law in order needs to have his head checked out!!

    These are EVIL robbers, using law to allow them to rob people as they see fit.

  3. The signs being pointed to by Simcha Felder are very clear. No Parking at all 7-7 on school days. Not every day is a school day. On non-school days parking is permitted, but not on Wednesday mornings for street cleaning. Why is this not clear. And I don’t even live in NYC!

    • They give tickets even when it’s not a “School day”. Mid winter vacation, legal holidays, school closed because of snow storm, etc… They put a ticket on your windshield and then we have to waste time and energy fighting it. When it comes to parking tickets, one is guilty until proven innocent.
      Mind your own business.

    • Don’t make choizik out of an important issue that effects us that live here. The State Senator represents us taxpayers. We don’t need you people who abandoned your roots and moved out to greener pastures in NJ making snide remarks. Stay in Ocean County and worry about your own problems.


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