Senator Felder Attacked By Teachers Union


The New York City teachers union has recently targeted a number of State Legislators, including New York State Senator Simcha Felder. The teachers union has embarked on a political campaign trying to tie him to President Trump on every issue, including the President’s selection of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, a federal issue over which State Senator Felder has zero authority.

“Public school teachers deserve all the praise I can offer for the amazing work they do, but I’m not going to be intimidated by their politically motivated union,” said Senator Felder. “I support all New York City children and each one deserves the best education possible no matter if they attend public, charter or non-public schools. The teachers union might like a monopoly on the way our children are educated, but I think parents should decide what is best for their children, not the teachers union.”

Senator Felder has a long history of advocating for school choice as a way to improve our children’s education. The teachers union has continually attacked supporters of new ideas in education from charter schools to non-public schools because teachers in those schools are not required to join and pay dues to the union. Last year, the teachers union spent$182.1million of those dues on items like salaries, baseball tickets, and political spending! It is a disgrace.




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