Senate Rejects Trump-Backed Bill To End The Shutdown


The US Senate has rejected a bill backed by President Donald Trump to end the record-breaking government shutdown and fund a US-Mexico border wall.

Just one Democrat joined Republicans to vote for the doomed legislation, highlighting the partisan deadlock paralysing federal agencies.

Senators will now vote on a Democratic bill to reopen the government for two weeks, but it is also expected to fail.

At 34 days with no end in sight, this is the longest shutdown in US history.

Read more at BBC News.



  1. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was the lone House Democrat to vote against a bill to reopen the government on Wednesday, a position she described as “a tough/nuanced call,” The Hill reported.

    SHE IS A REAL COMMUNIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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