Self-Driving Cars To Reach Israel As Early As 2019

Waymo announced Tuesday that it was launching a self-driving Jaguar SUV, in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. MUST CREDIT: Waymo handout photo

A new proposal by three major car-related companies will bring self-driving vehicles to Israel as early as 2019.

A proposal submitted during the Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv by Volkswagen Group, Champion Motors and Mobileye is expected to bring Level 4 autonomous vehicles to Israel by next year, with Volkswagen supplying electric cars, Mobileye installing self-driving capabilities, and Champion Motors running the control center and fleet operations.

Level 4 vehicles drive in specific, fully mapped areas and require a driver to be present, but not to drive except in emergency situations.

The initiative secured a commitment from the Israeli government to provide legal and regulatory support, and to share data and access to infrastructure.

The project is expected to begin tests in early 2019, with full commercialization as early as 2022.





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