Seinfeld: Israelis Are ‘All or Nothing’


Jewish-American comedian Jerry Seinfeld was a recent guest on The Daily Show, where he took some time to describe his experiences from his recent shows in Israel.

In December, Seinfeld took the stage for four shows in Tel Aviv, the first time ever he performed in Israel, Arutz Sheva reports.

Recalling his experience with Israelis, Seinfeld said that the audiences were “amazing” and also described Israelis as “all or nothing”. “Israelis, everything you ask them it’s either ‘it’s no problem. It’s no problem’, or ‘no, it’s impossible.’ There’s nothing in between,” he said. “It’s all or nothing.”




  1. Seinfeld is getting bland. He had more than enough money and time to study Torah. I think hes a nice guy, but if he does not grow the beard and put on a kippah, he is just a baked bean in the sea of poor choice. What could he be thinking if he is really funny, why not be the funniest in history? Mel Brooks gets an excuse for his generation. The beans are cool, but we really need a super comedian that is blessed. It wont be me and it might not be Seinfeld.

  2. Seinfeld is getting to be a grand daddy aged guy. Will he really be funny for the 40 year old Ba’al Teshuvahs who loved him when they were reform? Still, I wonder if he has more than a beans chance for becoming our greatest comedian. I do not think he has the orthodox simplicity and if he only could tap into Torah, his humor could exceed human demand. Still funny. Not however faster than the speed of sound.


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